This is for the Empaths… We See You

PinFor the woman who stands in between.

Between people and places and time zones and realms of existence. We see you, standing at the threshold, holding life together, holding life apart. Because that’s where you’ve been planted, and that’s the role you’ve been given, and you play it SO well.

This is for the woman who feels everything.

Every murmur and groan, every bite and each growl. You feel the pain of the animal instincts and the heights of the loving humanity we all have the potential to express. We see you. And we feel the depth of your feeling and the weight that you carry, as you to try to hold it all.

This is for the woman who sometimes gets lost in the ocean, adrift on the sea of her emotions.

This is for the woman who so clearly sees the discord, the injustice and unfairness in the world, and wants so badly to fix it. The heart is elastic, and yours could stretch forever. Except it doesn’t have to.
We see you love so deeply that you want to save the world, you want to save us all, but you know what?

You can’t.

And it’s ok.

It really is ok.

This is for the woman who is learning the art of boundaries. Because even the most loyal and trustworthy and devoted of friends (you) still needs to stand at the head of the table and be counted as someone who matters. And every time you forget, every time you take a turn on your path because you’re following someone else’s footsteps and not your wise, inner compass, you can feel it’s misaligned.

We see you course correcting.
We see your instincts sharpening.
This is your training ground.

This is for the woman who lies beneath the stars and gazes at the Moon and feels complete. But still loves it more when her hand is being held and her whispers shared by somebody even more special (or so she believes).
We see you, holding the thoughts, opinions, beliefs, ideals of everybody else, with just a little bit more care and diligence than your own. And wish you’d love yourself as much as you loved everyone around you… and wish you know how much they adore you back.

Because you know what else we see? Equally as powerfully as you love, you are loved.
This is for the woman who reads between the lines and hears what remains unsaid, her world built entirely on trust.

We see you, with a smile on your lips and hope in your heart….
And we want you in our world.