This is for the Illuminators… We See You


For the woman whose path is her own.

You’re not changed by what anyone wants you to be. You’re a woman of fire, who wakes when she wants, dream when she wants and lives by the whispers of your burning, limitless heart.

We see you, breaking this tired, old paradigm with every breath that you take. And every single day, you’re birthing something new, not because you want things to change, but because you are the change. You were born untamed, wild as the wolves with Artemis running through your veins…
Sometimes you forget.
But still, she howls.

This is for the woman who knows that transformation must come from within.
… and be mirrored without.

We see you breaking the mold, leading by being.
You’re the first to rise, lift your hand, ask a question, make a challenge, speak out: “Why does it have to be this way?”

And we see you wondering why anybody does anything if it’s not in service of us all. Confused by the world, perplexed by the way it’s turned out. The woman with a heart that won’t stop loving, won’t stop giving.
For the woman who was born a healer.
We see them, trying to get close to you, needing to touch you, needing to have you in their lives.

But we see you playing smaller than you are. But you know what? You’ll fit into the world when you expand yourself to fill it.

And this is for the woman who’s still scared to express herself fully. Who still carries the wounds of her grandmothers, the marks, the cuts, and the burns. We see you still telling yourself it’s not safe enough, yet, to emerge… and we’re here to tell you:
It’s time.

For the woman still working through trauma and blocks to her greatness. We see what lies underneath the façade, beyond the struggle and over that bridge to the other side. We see you getting tuned up, being stretched and tested and prepped for your work.

This is for the woman who’s still an untapped source.
We see you, knowing you’re different, knowing you’re needed but you haven’t quite figured out why. The woman who’s still stuck in spirals of contrast, comparing yourself to half-baked illusions of a reality that doesn’t, really even exist.
We see you figuring out who you are, and how to be the one who wins this game. You will.
But when you really start playing, it’s going to look very different than what you expect.

You’ll get there by looking inside.

Close your eyes.

We see you, with a smile on your lips and hope in your heart….
And we want you in our world.