The Key To Gabby Douglas’s Strength.

The 2012 Summer Olympics was enthralled and inspired when Gabby Douglas, the first woman of color and the first African-American gymnast to become the individual all-around champion, and the first American gymnast to win the gold medal in both individual and team competitions. She was also the first American competitor in gymnastics to win multiple gold medals. Previous to that, she was a member of the gold medal winning US team in the 2011 World Championships. Can we see this in her Numerology Chart?

Ms. Douglas was born on December 31, 1995
12 (December) +
31 (Birthday Number 4) = 43; 4+3 = 7 = Achievement Number
1995 + 43 = 2038; 2+0+3+8 = Life Path 13/4

A Closer Look

Four is known as the working and building number, and it certainly fits our young athlete. It is both her Birthday Number and her Life Path Number, and is usually considered the most physical of numbers; 4 works well for athletes and others who must put lots of effort into their work, and pay close attention to the details of what they are doing.

Back in 2009, Gabby suffered a fractured wrist that kept her out of important competitions – this was a Personal Year 9, and a 9 year usually means endings.

This was not the end, though; a 9 year can also be a time of rapid healing, because it can bring an end to troubles.

The Karmic Number 13 in her Life Path makes it hard for the individual bearing it to take negative advice easily, and shows one who is totally focused on whatever task they take upon themselves. Having this vibration works well for Ms. Douglas, because there aren’t many rebellious and reckless qualities either in her full name or her Life Path. In other words, she is one highly focused, detail-oriented athlete.

2010 was a Personal Year 1 for her, and she really did have a new beginning in her life, winning in many competitions, and gaining both personal and team medals. In 2011, Personal Year 2 saw her sharing a gold medal with the team at the Tokyo World Championships. But it was the London 2012 Summer Olympics where she infatuated the crowd, and that was a Personal Year 3. She was also still in her Formative Life Path Cycle, which also carries vibration 3.

Looking at her full name (she has two middle names) or her everyday name (by which we know her) G and S are the first and last consonants, and when we subtract their values, we arrive at the Personality Challenge, or 6. But in Numerology, every Challenge has a Gift that comes with it. Apparently she handled the Challenge well, because her Gift is vibration 3, which manifested through the Life Path Cycle and the Personal Year vibrations during the year 2012.

About Roy Kirkland

Roy Kirkland has been a lucid dreamer with an interest in the esoteric sciences since early childhood. His practice in these ancient systems now spans several decades. Roy has gained several professional certifications from both the US and India for his work and has been featured on multiple media outlets. He has done presentations, workshops and live predictions for thousands of individuals all over the world.

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