Are you ready for the exciting energy the stars are bringing your way this month? July is a month full of possibilities, especially this year, as the heavens are parting to bless you with empathy, steady romance, and buoyant energy that engages and excites your inner child!

We begin the month in empathetic, intuitive Cancer season – and when the Sun is in Cancer, your moods are abundant and fluid. Cancer season encourages you to explore and connect to your emotions, even if you typically like to avoid or even bury them. If you don’t find an outlet for those emotions during Cancer season, you may feel moodier than ever.

On July 11th, Mercury – the planet of communication, information, and short-distance travel – is also moving into the sign of Cancer, shining a spotlight on compassion and understanding during conversations and interactions with others. Without that foundation of love and understanding, communication can lead to frustration or hurt feelings.

Venus – the planet of love, romance, and beauty – moves into practical, pragmatic Virgo on July 21st, which is where that steady romantic energy will be coming from this month. During this transit, love is expressed practically, for example, through acts of service. Romance may not feel as passionate as it typically does, but spending time in Mother Nature with your partner will help that loving energy flow.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd, marking the beginning of a new astrological season – and this one is spicy. Leo season engages the inner child and asks them to come out and play, encouraging you to practice activities and hobbies that light you up from the inside! This is not the time to force hard work but rather approach your work through a lens of creativity and passion.

And on July 23rd, there is a Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius. Full Moons shed light on hidden information or buried emotions, yet the sign of Aquarius is airy and not emotional by nature. This means that you’ll have an easier time than usual dealing with the intensity and emotional nature of the Full Moon, coupled with a focus on the future and a desire to help humanity thanks to Aquarius’ humanitarian nature.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from July, based on your zodiac sign.

July 2021 Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign


The watchword for your sign this month is “caution,” Aries. While you love to be impulsive, this is a month where you will greatly benefit from taking your time with your thoughts and actions. Don’t jump headfirst into projects, relationships, or contracts. Take time to engage your intuition and follow your heart.

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Have you been connecting to your heart, Taurus? Chances are, you’ve been living in your head lately, but the energy this month urges you to dive deep within your own well of emotions and see what you discover. Approach relationships and situations from your emotional center to find out how you truly feel.

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Your perceptive skills are on fire this month, Gemini, meaning it’s more important than ever for you to listen to and follow up with the inner workings of your own mind. Don’t avoid your thoughts, but rather embrace them and see where they lead you. Your intuition is stronger than ever, so don’t ignore it.

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It’s your month, Cancer! How are you celebrating yourself? This month, you are being asked to amplify your self-esteem and boost your mood through positive affirmations and self-care. When you feel an abundance of self-love flowing through your body, you’re more capable than ever of making your dreams come true.

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It’s almost your time to shine, Leo, so why not spend some time building up to that exciting, fiery energy? This month’s energy may increase your emotions, so it’s important that you find an outlet for those feelings. Try incorporating more physical exercise into your routine to avoid feeling moody or irritable.

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There’s quite a bit of Virgo energy moving around this month, helping you feel more grounded and connected than ever. While this emotional energy may have left you feeling drained, you can breathe a sigh of relief as that earthy energy you love starts to infiltrate the atmosphere. Just don’t overlook those emotions – they must be expressed somehow.


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It’s time for you to practice saying “no,” Libra. You may feel like you’re drowning in responsibility right now, and that would be the result of ignoring your instincts. If you need time to yourself, it’s time to speak up and let those around you know. Don’t ignore your own needs for the sake of others this month.

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You don’t necessarily love asking for help, Scorpio, but sometimes it’s necessary in life. Have you been taking on more than you can handle? Do you feel like you’re drowning? Then you haven’t been reaching out to those around you, and you’re starting to feel the consequences of that. Don’t be scared to ask for help when you need it!

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Your naturally enthusiastic presence is even more palpable this month, Sagittarius, meaning that your energy is shining on everyone around you. This is a great time to make new acquaintances and connections, as your friendly energy helps you put yourself out there right now. Others will be more receptive to your ideas, so don’t keep them all to yourself.

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Have you been putting on a brave face, Capricorn? While you may find the strong, silent kind of suffering most admirable, your friends and family want to be here for you. Have you been utilizing their kindness? If not, now is the time. Be vulnerable and open with those you love to create stronger, deeper bonds.

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“Everyone is so sensitive this month” is a sentence you might find yourself uttering this month. But sensitivity can be a great thing, Aquarius, and you would benefit from letting some of your own sensitivities express themselves to the world. Don’t hide your emotions or avoid them, but rather embrace and express them this month.

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An abundance of Water energy means your intuition is alight with the glow of the Moon this month, Pisces. This is certainly not the time to ignore your instincts, but rather to follow them wherever they lead. Self-expression and creativity are two things that can help you amplify those psychic gifts even further right now.

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Each month brings brand new energy, and with it, new exciting experiences and connections—the energy that July brings grants many opportunities for growth, love, and spiritual expansion.

How will you let this magical energy move through you?

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