What’s Instore For July?

July 2020 is NUMBERED 7+2+0+20 = 29, 2+9=11.The #29 indicates July will be a month we learn about the information that was previously hidden. High tension and a lack of clarity give way to truth and LIGHT. The LIGHT will enhance new partnerships and fuel higher consciousness. Those in need are provided for abundantly.

Your Day-By-Day Forecast For July 2020

July 1st

Reach out to children. The arts get a boost today…singing, painting, dancing and speaking.

It’s a day of celebration, a day of enjoying the fruits of a job well done. Very romantic vibe today…watch out for love triangles.

July 2nd

Justice is an issue today.

Today there may be obstacles and competition, so meet them head-on.

It’s time to get the work done. An argumentative nature could lead to isolation. Legal dealings and or settlements are possible.

July 3rd

Today’s vibration brings good news, rewards and victory.

It’s a blessing to be used as a channel of God, so don’t gloat!

Freedom and change are in the air. Be careful in traffic, expect changes and surprises all day…in a good way.

July 4th

Happy Birthday USA! It will be important to have self-confidence today.

We may be asked to walk our talk. Home and family may require attention.  Be of service but do not be a martyr. A day of NATIONAL HEALING.

July 5th

Today’s energy favors communications of all kinds.

The messages we receive help us to advance toward our goals. Log jams break and things move forward. The truth is revealed, that which has been hidden is brought to light.

July 6th

Today, all financial matters are favored.

There can be business expansion, loans granted, promotions, major purchases and inheritances under today’s influences. It’s a day of reaping what has already been sown.

July 7th

Endings are likely today. The old is making way for the new. Energy is available for inventive approaches, selfless service and creative solutions.

July 8th

New starts are favored. It is time to begin again.

This is a great day for new plans, new partnerships and new love. Spend time with family and show your love.

July 9th

Love, marriage, visions…today many advantages come our way.

Use your advantages to help others. High energy day. But, be sure to avoid extremes!

July 10th

Today will be a fun day.

A great day for spending time in leisure or romantic activities…love is in the air!

Children are also a focus today, so be sure to pay attention.

Join with others to improve our communities.  It’s time for fun, relaxation and travel.

July 11th

Today favors new birth. Time to plan our work and work the plan. Building a business, a home or both is favored. Today, obstacles are a blessing and any endings are those needed to make way for something better.

July 12th

Today’s vibe favors love, children, change and prosperity, Be prepared to alter old patterns. It’s a great day to take a risk – go for it!

July 13th

The caterpillar becomes the butterfly today!

This is a day for artists and creative types to express themselves. Love and harmony rule the day.

Win-win settlements are possible under today’s loving vibrations. Hug your family.

July 14th

It’s time to rest. Be still and know. This is not a day to push events. It is a day of harvest and healing, promotion and financial increase. Chill and enjoy!

July 15th

Intuitive vibrations allow us to make connections with our true convictions. Resolve to set new priorities if you feel unappreciated or under-compensated.

July 16th

AVOID CONFLICT with others!

Strong emphasis on endings and letting go. Learn from the past and let it go.

Postpone major surgery. Long-distance travel favored. Be loving and kind. Live and let live.

July 17th

New beginnings. Opportunities for success. Stay positive and pursue your goals with confidence. Expect positive life-enhancing changes. Think number 1.

July 18th

Today is a mystical magical day when dreams can come true. Avoid distractions. Super day for marriage and partnerships. Refrain from fanatic behavior. Our values are being tested.

July 19th

Goals are being met. Travel, celebration and financial abundance are favored. Use material rewards to help others in need. Have fun. Seek new horizons.

July 20th

Today get the work done that you have been putting off. Hard work gives results.

Be careful about the type and amount of food you eat today. Wealth is in the air. Great day for marriage. Medical treatments and routine surgery favored.

July 21st

Be patient til noon…then, expect many happy changes today and some surprises. Be flexible. Some will meet the love of their life today!

July 22nd

Drama on a global scale is possible today. Aggressive moves are likely. Right overcomes wrong under today’s balancing energy.

July 23rd

Today will emphasize solitude, stillness, separation and meditation. Great day for a retreat for some soul searching.

July 24th

Finances and business are favored. Trouble comes and trouble goes.

Don’t sweat the small stuff today. Be of good courage today you can handle whatever pops up. Great day to tell the boss why you deserve a raise. A great day to become your own boss.

July 25th

Today secrets are revealed. There can be endings and completions. Today is forgiving. Exercise, get rest.

July 26th

Today favors attainment, fulfillment and culminations. Honors will be given to the deserving. It’s time to start something new. Children born today will bring LIGHT to the world.

July 27th

A day to see things as they and are not as they appear.in order to bring about peaceful settlements.

July 28th

Emotional situations can be expressed positively through the arts. Sing, paint, dance, write stories with children.

Also, avoid having a pity party.

Join a cause. Someone needs a kind word and a gentle heart.

July 29th

It’s a great day for getting our thoughts organized. Seek rest, retreat and convalescence.

July 30th

Be careful accidents are more likely under today’s volatility. Expect change and avoid impulsiveness.

July 31st

Today’s energy favors legal resolutions and settlements. Be of service… and love.

About Dr Craig Wright

Dr. Craig Wright is a native of Baltimore, Maryland where he studied religion and philosophy in his youth as a member of the Baltimore Ethical Society. He holds degrees in Psychology and Metaphysics. He is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner. Dr. Wright's Services are available at www.craigewright.com

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