January is the month of Leaving the Past Behind at Hyperspeed! BUT you have to know one thing to let the magic of Numerology work in your favor this month! If you stay tuned you will learn how to seed a new life in just 31 days, with the 9/1 combo!


Every great era in our lives starts with a call to adventure that leads greater and grander lands. But no hero in the history of mankind has ever embraced the adventure right out of the gates! They initially refuse or shy away from the call because their fears and insecurities keep them stuck. WE ALL want to stay in the ordinary world because it feels like a safe haven (no matter how miserable or out of alignment it is).

But this month of January is going to blow all of that out of the water with a magical equation: The 9/1 combo! The 9/1 can give you that bravery and confidence you need to win the battle against your past.

Welcome To The Year Of The 9

9 splashThe 9 is the Universal Year of 2016. The archetype of the #9 Wise Wizard shows up to remind you that the utopian version of your destiny is waiting right around the bend. Gandalf to Frodo, Obi-wan to Luke Skywalker, the Empress to Atreyu. All of these wise #9 Sages show up and say: “It is time for you to realize your destiny. You are not only capable to take on this new life, you are designed for it!”

The other magical thing in the equation? January is a 1 Universal Month. The #1 brings the superpower of courage and confidence that is needed to cross the threshold of the ordinary world into the magical world; from limitation into REAL possibility!

And I am about to share with you the secret to create fresh newness in your life at warp-speed, and cross into the threshold of magic, but first you MUST hear this story:

A children’s book called ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ by Jill Tomlinson is coded with the 9/1’s enchantments!

Plop is a baby owl who is afraid of the dark. Even though owls are designed to be awake, live and hunt in the dark Plop is terrified to go out of the nest and hunt with his mom and dad.

His #9 Wise Wizard mother shows up and says:

You are only afraid of the dark because you don’t know anything about it.” She encourages Plop to get educated about the dark. The mother knows that if Plop doesn’t approach his fear, that he won’t reach his destiny.

Plop goes on mini adventures meeting different characters that teach him about the dark. A little boy says that darkness is exciting, with colorful and thrilling fireworks! An old lady in a deck chair says that darkness is kind. “It hides my shabby furniture, my wrinkles, my old hands.” A little girl says that darkness is necessary! Without it father Christmas wouldn’t come and fill the stocking with reward and abundance. A man with a telescope says darkness is wonderful! The stars make patterns and constellations in the sky that you can develop a relationship with and rely on. And finally, a big black cat tells Plop that darkness is beautiful. The moon bathes everything in white and silver light.

Plop realizes that darkness, what he most feared, had AMAZING advantages. And he was no longer afraid once he approached it.

The moral of the story (and the 9/1 combo): What we are most afraid of might be what we are most designed for!

Turning Fear Into Power

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Philosopher and Writer in the 1800’s was a 9/1 combo in Numerology. You know what HE said? “Always do what you are afraid to do.”

So this is where the magic comes in. This month, my challenge to you and I both is to do 10 things that scare us or get us out of our comfort zone.


  • Have that sweaty palm conversation with your boss
  • Disagree with a loved one to take care of yourself
  • Start up a conversation with a stranger
  • Wear high heels
  • Voice what you REALLY feel
  • Ask for help
  • Get up and try again after you fail
  • Apologize and take responsibility after a conflict
  • Tell a close talker to give you some space
  • Get up and clean instead of watching Netflix (mix your routine up!)
  • Stay silent instead of criticizing a loved one
  • Each and every time you approach or lean into what makes you uncomfortable or afraid, you will bring into your experience evidence of your new life and your wondrous destiny down the road. ;)

Join me! I am going to TRY to do something that scares me EACH day this month (that commitment ALONE scares me. Does that count as one?). Comment below and let me know what ideas you have straight away!

Big hugs to you all…


P.S. And as always, let me know if you have special request or questions that you would like answered in upcoming videos!

About Natalie Olson

Natalie Olson (Newly married! Previously known as Natalie Anastasio Pescetti) is your Numerologist and philosopher-friend with a passion for decoding the mystery of life. She is here to help you tap into your own personal magic (hidden in your birth name and birth date) so you can access yummy love, radiant health, abundant success and sparkly happiness. Nat has been lucky enough to be the secret weapon for Wall Street financiers, CEO’s, actors, soldiers, best-selling authors… and soon.. maybe you? To learn more about her work, or have a one-on-one session, visit www.NatsNumbers.com. .

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