Everybody has a Special Trait or “Talent” numbers locked inside the numerology of their name

Special Trait numbers are the numbers that repeat a significant number of times within your name. You may have one single Special Trait number that stands out, or your name could contain a few different ones which all repeat with equal (above average) frequency.

As the name suggests, these numbers are indicators of the special traits, talents, gifts, skills and aptitudes that you possess, that make you stand out in a crowd!

Because these are numbers which are contained in your name (and not your date of birth) they can change throughout your life if you change your name, get married or adopt a nickname.

It is also worth noting that these numbers can contain challenges too – as is so often the case in life, our greatest gifts can be rooted within our greatest tests. So the higher their frequency in your name, the more exaggerated the characteristics they describe, which in some cases will correspond to greater challenges for you.

So if at first, your Special Trait numbers don’t seem to be aligned with your path, don’t discount them altogether. It may be that you have work to do, and the best may be yet to come …

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Here at the Numerologist, we use the Pythagorean system as described in the table below.

The method for finding these numbers is easy.

First, simply count up the letters in your name and compare them to the chart:











When you have calculated all of the numerical equivalences in your name, work out which numbers occur most frequently.

These numbers are your Special Trait numbers.

Now read on to find out how to interpret these numbers, and discover more about your most positive and exaggerated character traits and talents….

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Although there may be other numbers that occur with more frequency in your chart, it’s important to note this numerical placement as two 1s in your name is incredibly fortunate!

Just as the Master Number 11 is significant, so is this, indicating a balanced, positive and broad-minded outlook.  People with two 1s make great advocates for others, possessing great political and humanitarian talents and gifts, and intuitive yet practical leadership skills.


This numerical occurrence in a name indicates an exuberantly confident personality.

Bright, interesting and progressive in their thoughts and ideas, these people are an inspiration to be around!

If your name holds three 1s, it’s likely that you are well-liked, motivational to others and have a competitive streak.  You would make a great coach and likely an expert in marketing and sales due to your highly persuasive charm!


This numerical pattern can indicate an extremely strong-willed and individualistic personality with masculine energy.  But due to the extreme levels of self-awareness it brings, it can cause problems with self-expression which may lead to isolation and people with this numerical patterning can be often misunderstood.

But there are special gifts to be uncovered here. With work, true self-awareness and the right level of assertion can result, and these people can become authentic leaders not just in the way they speak or act but in how they are, as fully realized humans.



This numerical occurrence in a name indicates an extraordinarily acute natural ability to read and understand people and situations. They have an ability for diplomacy and creating harmonious situations.  Their first impressions are often unwaveringly accurate and as such, these people make sound judgments and good decisions. If your name holds two 2s, one of the most important things for you to develop is a strong sense of self-trust and reliance, lest your intuitive guidance system becomes clouded with doubt.

Because of your sensitive and tactful nature, a career working closely with people, animals and their worthy causes would use your skills and talents best.


It is rare for a name to contain three or more 2s, but if yours holds this numerical pattern, it’s likely you are hypersensitive and can very easily get drawn into the emotional states of other people.

Because of the deep levels of human understanding this offers, these people often become actors, writers and artists, due to the natural ability they have of understanding and portraying the experiences of others.

But the lives of people with three or more 2s in their charts can feel tumultuous and very difficult to handle unless they have firm foundations on which to build their lives.  It isn’t unusual for these people to burn out young.



This numerical occurrence in a name indicates an individual with a lively, creative and imaginative mind.

If your name holds two 3s, it’s likely that you have extraordinary artistic abilities, though, without supportive and uplifting people around you, you may not realize the depths of your talents. If you can learn to channel your gifts, a successful and lucrative career in the creative industries could be yours.


If your name holds this numerical pattern, it’s likely that you possess an extraordinary talent of some kind. If it’s still undiscovered at this point in your life, you may find that your attention is often scattered, you feel ungrounded, and you often struggle to keep a firm grip on reality.  This can lead to feelings of isolation, as your vision of life is at odds with what others see around you. But as soon as you’re able to unlock and express your unique creative gifts, your world will make sense to everyone who sees your creations.

But it may be a rocky road to discovery, so it’s imperative for people with three or more 3s in their charts to practice patience, discipline and regular meditation to steady and focus their overactive minds.



Although there may be other numbers that occur with more frequency in your chart, one 4 in your name may still be important to note.

This numerical occurrence in a name indicates a grounded person with practical, technical, mechanical and/or environmentally-focused skills and strengths.

If your name contains one 4, it’s likely that you have a preference for tangible, practical kinds of work that offer concrete results, rather than theoretical or ephemeral activities.  Because of this, the 21st Century spheres of employment which are based in communications, IT and the virtual spaces of the internet may leave you deeply unsatisfied, if that’s where you’ve found yourself.  It’s important to realize there is nothing wrong with you, and you must quickly reorient yourself and your work, in order for your special traits and talents to flourish.


If your name holds this numerical pattern, it’s likely that your work is your passion and it consumes most of your time.  You must be careful not to become beholden to the process, or obsessiveness and workaholism will result and you’ll burn out.

But there are special gifts to be uncovered here. With balance, rest and well-chosen artistic and free-spirited people around to lift you up from the material plane, you’ll learn to be a master of your work, rather than a slave to it.



This numerical occurrence in a name indicates an extremely flexible, adaptable and creative individual.  These people can be intense, and come across as incredibly self-assured and capable (which they are!)

If your name holds four 5s, one of the most important things for you to develop emotional control, as it is very easy for your drive and enthusiasm to overwhelm and upset the stability of those around you.

Because of your sensitive and tactful nature, a career working closely with people, animals and their worthy causes would use your skills and talents best.


If your name holds a lot of number 5, it’s likely that you possess an extraordinary intensity of feeling. You need freedom like most people need fresh air, so even a hint of being confined and controlled causes your emotional body to flare up.  In fact, people with a very high number of 5s in their chart can often exist in a perpetual state of anxiety, feeling like they must be on “high alert” at all times.

But there are special gifts to be uncovered here (really!) 5 is the number at the centre of the feeling plane, so it is your purpose and gift to become a true master of your feelings.  With honesty, discipline and specialist meditation and mindful practices, you’ll learn the dexterity required to own your emotions and use them as the spiritual navigation system they really are.



This numerical occurrence in a name indicates an extremely nurturing and domestically-focused individual.  These people will readily accept the responsibilities of home and hearth, dedicating their time and energy to family matters.

If your name holds two 6s, it’s likely that you find much happiness and fulfilment through your children, pets or even through one of the caring professions, as this is where you have a great deal of talent to offer.  But it will be important for you, especially in the future, to manifest your creative gifts a little further afield, beyond the limitations of the home.


If your name holds this numerical pattern, it’s likely that you’re strongly idealistic and have perfectionist tendencies. You are a deeply caring soul, but you may not know where to draw the line between love and possession and this can ultimately drive people away.

People with three or more 6s in their charts are often exceptionally creative in their own right, but their talents are so often unrealized, due to their devotion to others. This trapped potential often causes a buildup of nervous energy, which only exacerbates their overbearing tendencies. But if they’re able to unlock and express their creative gifts, this nervousness will quickly dissipate and they will blossom in their own right.

It’s important to note that people with a high number of 6s in their charts must get enough rest, and this is often more than the average person needs.



This numerical occurrence in a name indicates an individual with an inquisitive, questioning mind. These people can often be met with intensely challenging circumstances in their lives, which serve as vehicles to deepen their spiritual understanding.

If your name holds two 7s, it is very important for you to maintain a positive outlook.  It can be all too easy to allocate blame and develop resentments, but developing a healthy acceptance of all that life throws at you will enable you to learn the lessons you came here to learn in this lifetime with grace and ease.


If your name holds this numerical pattern, it’s likely that you have the qualities of a brilliantly bright mind and a deep understanding of the beautiful complexity of life.  You will face great personal challenges, likely requiring huge sacrifices, but if you see these as opportunities for growth, you will thrive and the innate gifts and talents you hold within will be allowed to grow.

Do not fall into self-pity and sadness, as these are the nemesis to your self-realization.



This numerical occurrence in a name indicates an extremely methodical, meticulous and business-minded individual.  These people are efficient and practical and when on a positive path, can climb the ranks quickly and make great successes of their lives.

If your name holds one 8, it’s likely that you have an inherent understanding of how to improve, streamline or grow whatever you see in front of you.  If you can channel this talent within a field you love, you’ll achieve a prosperous and rewarding life.


If your name holds this unique numerical pattern, it’s likely that you’re a highly industrious person, with a driving force to continually grow and improve.  This inner urge can be the root cause of much restlessness (especially in children) so it’s imperative that they aren’t forced to “sit still” for any long periods of time.

8 is the number of balances, so a high frequency of this number in your chart can mean you spend your life tipping back and forth between significant riches and significant lack.  But it is within this struggle that your true gifts will emerge so it is important that you don’t fall into victimhood and negative thinking – your true life path points towards success.



This numerical occurrence in a name indicates an ambitious and idealistic individual.  These people are optimistic and desire only the very best for the world and the people in it.

If your name holds three 9s, it’s likely that you have high expectations and even visionary goals set out for the future, both yours and that of the collective.  It is highly important that you ground these plans with enough practical wisdom for them to take root, lest you end up disappointed and disillusioned with the results.


If your name holds this numerical pattern, it’s likely that you’re strongly idealistic and have high expectations of life which verge on the utopian. You must be very careful not to develop fanatical or overly zealous tendencies or the very people you want so much to help will end up being alienated.

People with four or more 9s in their charts can be a huge inspiration to others, on account of the passion they express for the causes they believe in.  But this passion must turn into action.  Once they are able to channel their enthusiasm in practical, measured ways in their life path, the true talents of these people can emerge and great changes will occur.

So what if there’s an absence of a particular number in the numerology of your name?

Does this mean that you are lacking in certain qualities or characteristics?

And short of changing your name, is there something you can or should be doing, to bring more of this missing numerical essence into your life?

The answers to these questions can be found HERE, in this post on interpreting the missing numbers in your name which explains more about these missing numbers – your Special Lesson Numbers.


If you’ve discovered something about yourself today, will you comment below and let us know?

Sharing with the community here is a great way to ensure we all grow from the wisdom of the numbers!

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