life path numerologyThese days personality profiling is widely held. Some of these popular models for example, are Carl Jung / Myers Briggs types, the Enneagram and The Five Factor. However numerology could be considered an unusual type of personality profiling. It’s unique in relation to other psychological typologies, which question you about your behavioural tendencies and mental processing. These techniques follow an analytical line of enquiry, seeking to understand how your ego is formed, to create your personality. The reason numerology becomes so interesting, is that it doesn’t ask who are you? Instead it asks the question, who were you destined to be?

Don’t get me wrong, there is a much needed place for the field of personality typing, from the angle of the mind. However, I feel we are missing something, when we reject, or neglect the more subtle, universal and spiritual evolution of how we came to be.

Numerology As A Blueprint For Your Life

Akin to astrology, we move outside of the confines of the genetic component, the psyche formation and our socialisation, into the arena of the “probability of you”. Numerology speaks the language of possibility and likelihood toward certain approaches, styles and ways of living. This is what makes reuniting with our numbers so incredibly enlightening. It’s their ability to reflect who we are, right back at us.

It’s like having a blueprint of our own design right in front of us, and getting a chance to clarify where we are losing ourselves and where we are being ourselves in our current moment. It’s a catalyst for you to move even closer to your authenticity. You can’t deny the certainty and power of your date of birth and your birth name. On the other hand, you can question the filters through which many psychological typologies have come into being, because they must be born out of another person’s mind first, however useful, from a scientific viewpoint, there is a hint of questionability within each of these models.  You could argue that even a numerology review must of course derive through the numerologist’s filter, and therefore the knowledge, skill and interpretation used, would determine the way the information about you is presented or understood.

You & The Universe: The Same Building Blocks

Although, regardless of whether there has been enough success in conveying your energetic number blueprint to you, you have been introduced to the concreteness of the numbers around and within you. This cannot be altered. It is fact and fabric. The fabric of the universe is, from a quantum perspective, built on numbers, and so are you. You have a unique vibration to your being which is influenced by all of the living you have done, and continue to do, in all of the mental, physical and emotional fields and then there is your road map, which speaks of who you were right at the outset.

When you begin to understand the actual feelings and dispositions of the numbers, their ability to influence both particular positive and negative traits and behaviours in you, it’s like seeing a flow of colours or musical harmonies, melding together to create your unique blend. It’s a code, and a recipe for certain things to happen, or not happen.  We each have a different mixture, we are meant to be that way, or things would be boring, not to mention ineffective.

The Life Path Number: The Backbone Of Who You Are

When mapping your entire numerology chart, we would find four main numbers from your date of birth and birth name, which communicate your core number pattern. But the number information doesn’t stop there; quite a few more formulas produce an effective picture of your personality and path. However, the life path number, which is heard of most frequently, acts like the backbone from which all other numbers in your chart commit themselves to. It provides your overriding life opportunity.

Calculating Your Life Path Number

Here’s a quick explanation of how to work out your life path number using Pythagorean numerology. Once you have your number, scroll down to find out about your fundamental self.

Add your date of birth in separate columns, for example

20th        June      1985

2            6            23

Reduce them down further, unless you have a number 11 or 22, (these are master numbers and are always kept and added as the double digit)

2            6            5

Add them up

2     +     6     +     5            =            13

Add the last number to reduce to a single digit, unless in the case of a number 11 or 22

1            +            3            =            4

In this case your life path number is = Number 4!

Example with master number:

3rd          November          1968

3            11                        24

3            11                        6

3     +     11           +           6   = 20

2    +      0            =  Number 2

Your Life Path Number Review

life path numerolog3Life Path 1

The world thanks you for being strong-headed and a natural born leader. You love things best, when you are walking a path of your own design and making important decisions for the group. You’re a modern day warrior! We applaud you for being independent and original.

Life Path 2

The world thanks you for your sensitivity and thoughtful nature. You like it best when you are immersed in the richness of all your relationships with people. You pride yourself on being a good friend, networker and a natural diplomat. We applaud you for being helpful and calm.

Life Path 3

The world thanks you for your light-hearted approach to life. You’re at your best when you can have some fun, express your hidden creativity and let your party self free. People gravitate toward your optimistic and magnetic energy. We applaud you for your sense of humour and style.

Life Path 4

The world thanks you for your hard-work and discipline. When you have a good routine and a mammoth project on, you are in your element. Determination and attention to detail are the name of the game for you. We applaud you for breaking through challenges and facing the facts.

Life Path 5

The world thanks you for your explorative mind and adventurous streak. Any opportunity for a change of scenery, or a bit of variety and you are game. Your ability to reinvent yourself is awesome. We applaud you for your larger than life attitude and your bundles of energy.

Life Path 6

The world thanks you for your ability to care and love, everyone and everything. We know you best in the home, with the kids, tending to pets and teaching us best. You have a beautiful artistic flare in some way. We applaud you for your affectionate, nurturing and responsible attitude.

Life Path 7

The world thanks you for your sharp wit and practical intellect. You can travel to the edges of the mind and soar into meditative places. You’re great at observing, reflecting and offering advice.  We applaud you for your mystical, spiritual, introverted musing and creations.

Life path 8

The world thanks you for your willpower and your ability to take action. You have a knack for manifesting good results and creating the lifestyle you want. Prosperity and abundance come easily when you work at it. We applaud you for making a success out of all you attempt.

Life Path 9

The world thanks you for your humanitarian acts and your charitable side. You feel greatest when hanging out in a group, with others who have a similar purpose or intent to create positive change.  We applaud you for your wisdom and your keen sense of judgement.

Life Path 11

The world thanks you for your inspirational and motivational nature. Uncovering the truth of a situation is what brings you joy. Your intuitive abilities dazzle the hardest critic. You love to dream and teach what you love. We applaud you for uplifting and energising the people you meet.

Life Path 22

The world thanks you for your ability to use your hard working character to create better benefits for us all. Pragmatism is your middle name. Time out can let you get wild and re-connected. We applaud you for your meticulous disposition and your tendency toward precision.

Did you find yourself in there? Just remember, there can only be one you, so don’t try to change who you were destined to be. Your core numerological vibration is way beyond the confines of your known mind and your habitual mental patterns. It’s powerful creation!

About Hanna Ehlers-Bond MA

Hanna Ehlers – Bond is a psychotherapist and numerologist. She’s helped thousands of people through personal coaching, events and her YouTube channel, to enrich and empower their lives. Utilizing her psychology training, along with a passion for numerology, she’s formed a unique life review model. Along with other holistic tools, this type of road map is used to assist people with self-development and motivation. Hanna also specializes in ME/CFS recovery, after having experienced crippling chronic illness for four years. Find out more at

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