Everyone knows that Numerology can give you a deeper understanding about yourself, offering you little nuggets of wisdom, not only about yourself – but everyone around you too.

But can your Numerology chart really help you lose weight? Seems a little… far fetched, doesn’t it?

Numerology is the study of the vibration of numbers – and everything in the universe vibrates at certain frequencies. Yes, even numbers! When you deep dive into your personal numerology chart, you can identify the numbers that are important in your life.

And when you begin to live in a vibration that is in alignment with the numbers in your chart… crazy things can start to happen….

You could start effortlessly attracting the right people into your life… Your career could do a solid 180… You might finally understand how to approach your friendships and how to heal from past trauma… and yes – you can even learn the right way to eat and exercise for YOU.

Forget about all those fad-diets and viral workouts – it’s been proven that “the majority” cannot sustain these diets or workout plans… but have you ever wondered why that is?

It’s because (shocker) we are not all the same! We each vibrate at a different frequency and we’re each uniquely made with specific Life Path numbers, Soul Urge numbers, Destiny numbers, and Angel numbers…

So it only makes sense that when we eat and move at similar vibrations to our own Numerology – that we will effortlessly keep extra weight off, feel better than ever before, and absolutely thrive!

In this article, I’m going to touch very briefly on how you can eat and move according to the numbers in your chart. If you don’t yet know your numbers – go grab that for free here, then come back and read more.

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For the Number 1

You hold the vibration of leadership, independence, unity, focused concentration, and action. You’re someone who is always moving forward in life – growing, passionate, and excited. When it comes to the food you eat, your primary focus should be on fresh, raw, and vibrant foods (just like you!) Out of all Life Path numbers – you are most likely to thrive on a Raw diet. When it comes to your movement, you need something that can act as an “active mediation”… turning your brain off but keeping your body moving forward. Walking and running are great for you.

For the Number 2

You hold the vibration of cooperation, balance, and harmony of inner worlds and outer environments. You are someone who is “classically emotional”, but that’s one of your greatest strengths because you’re highly intuitive and empathic with those around you. However, because of your sensitive nature, you’re a number that can be very prone to emotional eating and substance abuse. So it’s very important for you to find healthy outlets of expression for your emotions. Your number is ruled by the Moon, so hydration is key for you. Obviously drink plenty of water, but also consume foods that have high water content (think cucumbers, pears, watermelons, etc.) When it comes to movement, think of team sports or activities because you thrive being around others!

For the Number 3

You hold the vibration of communication, optimism, joy, and self-expression. You move through life with incredible creativity and livelihood, so when it comes to the foods you consume, you should strive to eat plenty of darkly pigmented foods. Things like blueberries, eggplants, plums, cherries, and figs are just a few examples. You should also aim for 3 well-rounded meals a day, rather than small, frequent meals.  In your movement, it’s very important for you to find a creative outlet – one that you fully express yourself. A dance class is perfect for you.

For the Number 4

You hold the vibration of foundations, structure, organization, grounding, and logic. Security and stability are two of the most important things in your life, and just like foundations are important in your life… so are your dietary foundations. When it comes to the food you eat, you will naturally feel drawn to a high-protein diet that includes lots of iron. Think beans, lentils, meats, dark leafy green, pumpkin seeds, etc. Your movement should be primarily focused on cardio and aerobic, to keep your joints lubricated and prevent you from getting stiff.

For the Number 5

You hold the vibration of change, movement, freedom, and flexibility. You thrive on adventure, travel, and constant excitement. When it comes to the foods you eat, you should base your diet around whole grains, fresh herbs (like thyme, parsley, cilantro, and mint), and mushrooms – adding everything else around these foundations. When it comes to your movement, variety is KEY. You tend to get bored following the same exercise regime for too long, so try to change it up! Hiking one week, kickboxing another, then yoga, cycling, pilates, etc.!

For the Number 6

You hold the vibration of nurturing, home, responsibility, intuition, and beauty. You have a deep pull towards inner peace, but you’re also a perfectionist at heart. When it comes to ideal foods, you should focus a lot on nuts – like almonds and walnuts – and lots of blue and pale purple foods. You’ll also be heavily pulled toward sweets – try to satisfy those cravings with juicy fruits instead of cakes and pastries. When it comes to movement look for something structure that will let your inner perfectionist shine through – like jiu-jitsu or karate.

For the Number 7

You hold the vibration of reflection, spirituality, knowledge, and wisdom. Your number is heavily focused on self-study and inner work. 7 is ruled by Neptune, which means that including lots of seafood in your diet can be hugely beneficial. Other foods that have water content are going to make you feel your best too. When it comes to your movement – you thrive on being outdoors. Any exercise will suit you well as long as it’s in the fresh air… think of outdoor classes, hiking, jogging, skiing, surfing, etc.

For the Number 8

You hold the vibration of leadership, prosperity, and authority. Always building something new and great, innovating, and making power moves. When it comes to food, you are likely to be drawn to vegetarianism so focus on dark foods like mushrooms, greens, black rice, and beans. The ideal movement for you would be biking or swimming.

For the Number 9

You hold the vibration of the collective human community, humanitarian, evolution of consciousness, compassion, and universal understanding. Mars rules over number 9, so when it comes to complementary foods think of red foods like apples and peppers – and don’t be afraid of adding in some extra spices and heat to all your dishes! When it comes to movement, you will thrive off a more relaxed and calming practice, something that allows you to focus on YOU (for once). Yoga and mediation are perfect for you.

For the Number 11

You have a Master Number, so maintaining a well-balanced diet is crucial for you. Lots of fresh fruits, but also a lot of mineral-rich foods – like seaweed, celery, and lentils. And yes even cheese and dairy can be beneficial for you! When it comes to movement, having a well-rounded routine is key here too. You want to make sure you’re doing cardio, strength training, and working on your flexibility! Also, take a look at the numbers 1 and 2 to get deeper meanings behind your number.

For the Number 22

You have a Master Number, which happens to be ruled by Pluto. This means you’ll thrive on a diet that’s bold and spicy, but not so rich (so no dairy for you!) When it comes to movement, you should focus on exercise that builds your endurance and stamina. Also, take a look at the numbers 2 and 4 to get deeper meanings behind your number.


So what do you think? Do you resonate with your numbers dietary and exercise guidelines? Comment below!