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The Zero Point Field Meditation Technique (To Influence Your Reality!)

zeroPinYou can do this with eyes closed or open.

Step 1) Imagine the Zero Point Field.


  • Blur your eyes. This reality is an ocean of possibility and it is not concrete!
  • Imagine the scene from the matrix where everything turns to energy.
  • Think of Vincent Van Gogh’s impressionist paintings (where everything turns to a liquid) or the clean-slate Holodec from Star Trek.
  • Play inspirational, cinematic music as a soundtrack to this supernatural visual.

 Step 2) Feel the Zero Point Field.

Sit in the possibility of anything and everything. Let it envelope you for as long as you can. (15 seconds sometimes is enough!)

Signs that you are tapping the zero: 

  • Forgetting what you were worrying about
  • A sensation of love or peace
  • Bliss

Step 3) Populate. Let a gentle and playful idea emerge from the quantum field. “Wouldn’t it be nice if….” or “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” and FEEL it as being real.

Go about your day and see what transpires!

Comment below and let me know how YOU imagine the Zero Point Field! I can’t wait to read the comments.