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In this video – you are going to learn how to continue the momentum of those 11/11 miracles or finally break through into your new beginning if you feel stuck!

One of the things that happens when we meet up with the Inner Psychic Pathfinder – the part of us that eggs us on into new lands – is that we ALSO meet up with the part of ourselves that might be addicted to approval.

Here is a poem I wrote designed to give you a visual of what could be going on inside of you vibrationally right now – and inspire you even more to follow your intuition into your dreams.

Tell me if you see yourself anywhere in here: ;)


Blushing, fumbling and giggling I return into backward alleys…
Little plastic baggies of approval-and-compliment hell dust I buy
And, just for that high of hours, I sink into a drowsy stupor
Where the soft billows of accolade
– those blurry smiles, affirmative nods, devout gazes –
They caress and coddle me into a dangerously comfortable sleep
Orgasmic, tingling fixes surge and undulate through my body as I lose myself
Oh… I lose myself

The lulling laudation beckons me for another go
But I can’t
I can’t!
Walking through pockets of city lights I see my hungry hollow
And I realize… comfort here?
It will build flimsy, soaked cardboard kingdoms on this wet-rank-cement

I’ve run… out…
I run out…

Alert, trembling and agog I head past the street-maze into the cold wild…
Where no one sells anything – and I am helpless not to buy
Where wakeful and fresh I am… and lonely treasures, terrifying silence, turned backs and shut off porch lights…
They quake my hands…
Where discomfort is dished out in flurried frenzies
And roller-coaster-stomach-drops remind me that I am alone
But intact

Corridors of comfort are no longer my home
They never were
But this great beyond? This new beginning?
Navigated achingly sober with no compass but my own?
This is where I belong

New beginnings require us to leave those dark alleyways of approval; to let go of that orgasmic validation; those short-term fixes – and instead enter the world that we dream of. You have gotten a glimpse of this world-in-waiting – and there is a part of you that knows – there is no way you can turn back.

I wanted to do this video because I know new beginnings can feel uncomfortable… maybe even scary – but I want to remind you…you only feel that way because there is NO script that you can buy there; there is no screenwriter for you to hire. Feeling exposed and vulnerable is a divine sign that you have accessed one of the most magical things in the Universe – a blank page – waiting for your new story. And you are just about to start typing.

Don’t give up. Keep going. You are on the brink. The key to keep experiencing miracles? Don’t turn back into those alleyways of approval. Listen to and respond to your dreams and intuitions in the cold wild.

Big hugs to you all,


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