How to Discover Your Talents and Expand Your Strengths

This month we chose the theme of doing more of what you love, what makes you happy and setting yourself up for success. We want to help you uncover how to discover your talents! When we dial in on our strengths, we really begin to embrace the depth and beauty of our essence. It’s in this state of knowing where we can enhance our human experience by further expanding our talents and implementing our strengths into our day to day lives. We want to truly support you all in being your best versions and having the support you are looking for to gain insight into your own journey and own strengths. In this week’s post we outline how to discover your hidden strengths and talents.

The number which shows up the most in your chart is your hidden strength or talent number. The missing numbers in your name indicate areas of challenge and opportunities for growth and development. Meaning it’s best to take a look at the descriptions for both your strength number and any numbers missing in your chart.

For the success and talent number allow the qualities to really sink in and take some time to ponder how you can further integrate those qualities into all areas your life. For the numbers missing take a read through those descriptions too as it will provide very clear insight into qualities or characteristics you are being called to learn and understand on some level. Enjoy this fun exploration of self discovery!

Much Love in Numbers


How to Figure out Your Hidden Strengths

Accessing your hidden strengths is very simple, follow the steps below to figure out yours.


1- A, J, S

2- B, K, T

3- C, L, U

4- D, M, V

5- E, N, W

6- F, O, X

7- G, P, Y

8- H, Q, Z

9- I, R


1. Write you entire name given at birth

2. Use the chart above to decode the numbers of each of the letters in your name

3. Record how many times each number occurs in your name


Lilly Mae Jones

Lillie: 3,9,3,3,9,5

Mae: 4,1,5

Jones: 1,6,5,5,1


1 occurs 3 times

2 not found

3 occurs 3 times

4 occurs 1 time

5 occurs 4 times

6 occurs 1 time

7 not found

8 not found

9 occurs 2 times

For this name Lillie’s Hidden Strength Number is 5.

Meanings of Hidden Strengths Numbers 1-9

Reference the number descriptions below to gain insight into the qualities of your hidden strengths and talent.

Qualities of Hidden Strength 1: Originality

– strong drive and ambition to be the best

– leadership and desire to stand out

– highly influential

– warrior or leader energy

– original ideas and solution based thinking

– ability to cause quick and effective results

Qualities of Hidden Strength 2: Companion

– sensitive, considerate and intuitive

– seek and create peaceful environments

– great at establishing harmony and peace in group dynamics

– committed, patient, highly competent and persistent

– reliable and high interest in collaboration

– create the space and required support for leaders to lead effectively

Qualities of Hidden Strength 3: Imagination

– highly social, loves entertaining and being entertained

– creatively self expressed and talented in artistic areas

– inspiring and motivating for others

– high levels of charm and charisma

– creativity and imagination allow artistic solutions to be found in the most unusually complex and difficult situations

Qualities of Hidden Strength 4: Logic

– organized, systematic, methodical

– determined, self disciplined and strong eye for details

– practical and realistic, passionate about the well being of the community

– builds solid foundations, family, home and loyalty are top values

– practicality and reason are second nature

– logical analyzation of details

– emotionally calm and protective nature

Qualities of Hidden Strength 5: Adaptive

– movement, travel and exploring challenges are common themes

– highly adaptable and versatile

– excellent communicator and connection with people

– sensual, resourceful and original

– strong sense of freedom

– successful at taking risks and accepting change

– quick thinker

Qualities of Hidden Strength 6: Responsible 

– healer, councillor or strong teaching abilities

– highly responsible and of service to those they love in the community and family

– generous in life and in partnership, strong relationship partner

– idealistic and clear strong opinions

– sympathetic and empathic to other’s needs

– consideration of others is a natural skill

Qualities of Hidden Strength 7: Meditation

– Intellectual and able to easily process abstract ideas and concepts

– strong intuition, understandings of philosophy and metaphysics

– specialist and a perfectionist in areas of interest

– strong ability to meditate, reflect and be alone

– usage of meditation to access solutions

– autonomous and will exude the patience and wisdom to wait to take action based on intuitive guidance

Qualities of Hidden Strength 8: Determination

– very goal oriented, driven and forward moving

– natural leader and organizer, solid judge of character

– strong intuition, generally related to business ventures

– success and material reward are main motivators

– willing to invest time, energy and resources to fulfill a target

– persistent in pursuit of goals and targets

Qualities of Hidden Strength 9: Progressive

– heightened artistic abilities, creative geniuses

– strong understanding and motivation into subjects of universal knowledge

– deep understanding of hidden insights and messages

– warm, friendly, compassionate and generous

– dreamer, emotional, fiercely independent

– eloquent and captivating speaker

– broad minded and idealistic

Much Love in Numbers,


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