Creating an Angel Altar is one of the most enjoyable ways to maintain a close connection with your Angels and the Angelic realm. The Angels have downloaded to me that they are not concerned with rules and procedure with this type of Angel work; they really just would like people to follow their Angelic guidance when deciding on the purpose and look of your altar.

My research has shown that people have been creating small sacred spaces in their homes and gardens for hundreds of years but have never thought of them as altars. The term altar is usually associated with churches and has a religious connotation around it as the altar in any church is the focal point of most of the sacred ritual. My little Webster dictionary defines an altar as: “A table or flat-topped block which is the focus of religious ritual, sacrifices and offerings.”

As Angels are non-denominational, your Angel Altar is purely a special place that you create to bring Angels into your home and serves as a visual reminder to connect with them on a regular basis. Angels are naturally drawn to places of great beauty and love. It is a small sacred place where you display objects you love and that have a special or significant meaning for you.

Other aspects you may like to consider prior to setting up your altar are the theme and your intent for your altar. Your altar can be dedicated to the Angels generally, or to a specific Archangel, Saint or Ascended Master. Themes can be many and varied; health, wealth, love, soul mate, family, friendship, success, business, school, happiness, creativity; and the list goes on.

Some suggested items that you may choose to place on your Angel Altar:

  • A candle: one of the quickest ways to attract the Angels is to light a candle and pray.
  • Aromatherapy & incense: The Angels just love the aroma of patchouli and rose!!
  • An Angel statue, figurine or a symbolic representation of an Angel such as feathers or a wing.
  • Crystals: according to theme; points & pyramid shapes to boost the energy of the altar.
  • Flowers any but especially roses colour according to intent.
  • Symbols specific to theme.
  • Pictures; either symbolic or photos of loved ones, Saints, Mother Mary or Ascended Master.
  • Affirmations, prayers, a healing list, a letter to your Angels or an Angel Feather Oracle Card.
  • You may also like to have a beautiful cloth as the base for your altar.

The Angels just love it when we are creative and this is an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and make your altar a personalized work of art. Whatever you create the Angels will just love it!!!

I personally have my Angel Altars of connection or remembrance on full view to family and friends and reserve my more private manifesting Angel Altars for my study. I actually have several altars set up in my study; each one set up with a different intent. I set up altars and ask my Angels to assist me with projects of manifestation. Yes, the intent used in setting up your altar is very important; usually, I just have a broad intent and then leave the rest up to my Angels. After all I would hate to limit the wonderful things the Angels are planning for me.
There are many different types of Angel Altars that can be set up and I explain these in my book Angel Altars: Creating your own Sacred Space.

Till next time have fun making a beautiful sacred space for yourself and your Angels.

If you have a question about creating an Angel altar please leave me a comment below. Thank you for taking the time to connect with me through the

Wishing you many Angel Blessings,

Michelle Newten The Aussie Angel Lady

About Michelle Newten

Michelle Newten: affectionately known as ‘The Aussie Angel Lady’. She is a Spiritual teacher, healer, Angelic medium, Award Winning self-published author and magical manifestor! Her aim is to teach people to tune into their Angels to receive guidance and inspiration so that they can make the changes necessary to step into a life of prosperity that will bring them an abundance of health, wealth & happiness. Michelle had a career spanning 30 years as a registered nurse and she has worked passionately with her son who has autism over the past 30 years to create a miracle.

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