Blue Eyes Close up of Divine Feminine GoddessPinThe Divine Feminine is a strong and powerful energetic force which exists here on planet Earth. But the Goddess has been suppressed and silenced over millennia. You can read more about this HERE.

This energy of the Sacred Feminine is currently rising: Its role is to help us heal the brokenness of our planet, of Mother Earth, our homes and private lives, our communities, our media and even our politics! All of the places we have shown up, as a species, over the past 13 thousand years need healing attention, and the energy of the Goddess is here to help. It is She who will help us to dream the New Earth into existence.…

How Can We Re-awaken the Goddess?

It’s all of our responsibilities to anchor this energy into the Earth… But how? What tools and techniques, rules and rituals, methods and mindsets must we employ? What changes must we make in order to do this vital work, to embrace the Sacred Feminine, and break the shackles of the paradigm we are currently living in?

Every change must start within (and from this personal center, you will find that collective change occurs, either through a kind of osmosis or by this inner work spurring you to action). You don’t have to be female or even identify as female to make these changes (described below), Both men and women contain Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects, so the responsibility of re-activating this sacred energy, and using it to heal our planet and ourselves, falls equally to both genders!

Because of the overlaps between archetypal energy and sacred feminine energy, the study of your numerology chart can provide a very simple and accessible way into the re-activation of the Divine Feminine. You can read more about this HERE.

These instructions began HERE, at the beginning of the Fadic cycle with the Power of the Number 1. If you want to read this, but missed the original article, simply follow this link…

Here, we’ll discuss the Number 2, and how you can use the power and energy of this archetype to reawaken the energy of the Goddess within. You may have a lot of the archetype of the number 2 in your chart, you may have very little, or none at all. But this doesn’t mean it won’t call to you at different times throughout your life. So read on…

How does the Goddess Speak through the Number 2?

Many numerologists regard this number as the most feminine of all.

Two is the number required for reproduction and the gestation that must, for almost all mammals, occur within the female body, so it also contains the frequency of motherhood. Whilst the Number 1 represents the first, pioneering step into the unknown, the 2 creates the balance and harmony which makes life sustainable. Two carries a frequency of openness and receptivity, of sensitivity and intuition, all traits which are closely aligned with the Sacred Feminine.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, many of these qualities are also seen as signs of weakness. The gentleness and soft sensitivity that the 2 carries, does not have a place of value in the patriarchal system, so is not rewarded as much as other, more ‘masculine’ traits, like those belonging to the 1. Because of this, over time, they have been invested in less and less and trusted less and less. So the highly psychic connectivity that the archetype of the 2 contains has come to mean nothing, without rational proof. Which of course, often can’t be given.

So the ways in which the Goddess speaks through the Number 2 have a lot to do with strengthening what is already there. With trusting the parts of ourselves we have been taught not to trust, and holding and sustaining, where we have been taught to continually strive for progress.

The Number 2, Divine Feminine and the Intuitive Wisdom of the Body

Physically, the number 2 expresses through the intuitive wisdom of the body. This means that its strength can be found when you are able to speak the body’s language. The body is a highly complex feedback system which acts as an interface between you and the world (not just in a physical sense). It is giving constant signs and signals, messages that you need to hear, to keep you safe and on your path. It’s responses flow and change with the changing times, conditions, seasons, and every other shift which occurs within and without.

If you have the energy of the 2 in your personal chart, you are being called to connect closely to your body as an instrument of truth. Create an ongoing dialogue with your body, check in, scan and become acutely aware of what it wants you to know. To begin with, this will probably look a lot like a series of ongoing questions, like these:

  • Why are my shoulders tense?
  • Why is my throat dry?
  • Why did I leave the past three conversation with so and so, with a heavy feeling in my stomach?
  • What signs are my body giving me that it’s tired?
  • What signs are my body giving me that I should keep going?

The more the language of the body is heard, understood and acted on, the stronger it will become. And so will the Sacred Feminine in your life.

Awaken the Sacred Feminine through Exercise and Dance

To activate even more of this energy in yourself physically, honor your body by focusing time and energy on keeping it fit and healthy.

Yin yoga and slow, nourishing, flowing practices (or even slowing down a regular practice you have, by 50%) will serve to connect you to your body in a deep and mindful way, rather than simply treating it as a machine to be exerted. In this way, the subtleties of its changes will become more evident. The archetype of the 2 often strives to connect and ultimately unify with another person, but this yearning can be focused on the body: unify your conscious awareness with your physical form, so that YOU become one.

Dance is also key as a way to move the energy of the 2 through your whole body, and bring you into a closer relationship with it. This is because Divine Feminine energy works through your physicality – her wisdom isn’t just held in your mind like most intellectual knowledge. It is held in each cell of your body. And dance will also serve to awaken the memory that your body already holds.

The Number 2, Divine Feminine and the Power of Emotion

For the Number 2, emotions are a tool of power. If you have the energy of the 2 in your personal chart, it is your mission to become the master of your emotions and not a slave to them. But unfortunately this isn’t something that most of us are taught in school, so we go through life unaware of the potent force we hold within. (This is also one of the reasons the power of sacred Feminine has been lost for so long).

Emotional mastery involves being able identifying emotions, allowing them to exist fully and then choosing what to do with them. The good and the bad. The fun and the not so fun. The dark and the darker. It means claiming our emotions as our own, not blaming others for creating them and not projecting or offloading them onto the people around us.

Click here for some more tools for emotional mastery (and tips which can be used during any season!)

Embrace the Flow of Emotions

The duality of the number 2 means that its energy is always in flow. It is between, around, connective. Like the Feminine. So one of the most powerful ways to embrace this Sacred Feminine energy is to understand this flowing nature of emotions and embrace all that moves through you.

Let your emotions flow.

Give your emotions strength.

Amplify them when you need power – and when the world needs your power – and be courageous enough to ground and transmute them when they no longer have a use.

Forgiveness is a limitless tool for the number 2. Read more about this HERE and HERE.

Learning to work with emotional power is one of the most vital pathways, through which we’ll all learn to re-awaken the sacred feminine within. It’s where creation occurs, the root of manifestation.

The Number 2 is a Unifying Force!

Another potent force that the number 2 contains, is the ability to be a bridge. For the Divine Feminine to re-emerge fully, humans need to break down the barriers that are separating us and instead embrace our unity. The empathic nature of the number 2 (and those who have this number in their numerology charts) means that they can instinctively sense into the discord between people or groups of people and know what to do to bring them into harmony. This is a true gift. And whether or not the 2 shows up in your chart, one we can all try to learn. (And since humanity entered the year 2000, every year from this point carries the frequency of the 2… for the next thousand years! From 2020, every year will carry it twofold, so for the next decade, the energy of the 2 is not something we can afford to ignore!

The Number 2, Divine Feminine and Spirit

The Number 2 contains an intuitive power which is unrivaled. The frequency it holds is intrinsic to the consciousness of the Goddess, which is based on interconnectedness and communion with Spirit.

What this means, quite simply, is that this number is able to tap into the well of knowledge that exists beyond our own, individual, personal experience. The kind of intuition offered by the 2 is like having your own private, internal Google, without any adverts, bias or fake news! This archetype is plugged directly into this inner search-engine and therefore has the power to access whatever insights are required, at any time. But do those with this number in their charts, take advantage of this gift? It’s still not something which our western societies even recognize, let alone celebrate and encourage. As the keepers of this prize, it is up to the 2s, to prove its worth to the rest.

For more methods to help you activate the Sacred Feminine through activating your intuition, follow this link…

The number 2, more than any other number, has the capacity to glean information which can serve the collective, not by ‘working it out’ but by sensing what is true. And it can use this knowledge to unite humanity, beginning with the most personal and immediate relationships.

Its energy works on horizontal planes and does not strive for individual gain. So by focusing on strengthening your intuition and your connection to Spirit, the Goddess will re-enter your life and our world.

Do you have the Number 2 in your personal numerology chart?

Do you sense the ways the Divine Feminine seeks to emerge through you?

Share below!

Many blessings to you

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