In this video, I’ll be explaining the significance of 10/10 and how you can harness the energies of the exceptionally powerful day to your advantage.

The 10th of October 2019 offers us the beginnings of an extremely important and powerful time in the evolution of mass consciousness on the planet.

The number 10 in the Color Mirrors system is represented by The Wheel Of Fortune which is gold over olive. This is a very Egyptian color combination which asks you to remember who you were during that period, as this power can be reactivated now. This number relates to Isis, the goddess that gave birth to the sun.

The Significance of “1” and “0”

Let’s think about the numbers that make up number 10. The first two numbers 1 and 0 have great significance. Number 1 means moving into a new beginning, starting fresh or opening towards a new path in life. On the other hand, 0 signifies moving into the great void, where everything comes from the Creator and all will return to the Creator. In other words, stepping into a much higher resonance, towards an uplifting frequency that is closer to the Divine consciousness. When you see the number 10 twice, this just means that the message of “10” is amplified.

This can manifest as sudden breakthroughs and unexpected changes. The wheel has turned and now is the time for the wisdom, to which gold relates to being in our conscious minds so that we might activate the feminine power within.

Olive is the green of the heart, mixed with the gold of the solar plexus, our power center. When power connects to love, it can never be abused as it will be a soft feminine power.

You are likely to be awakening to your soul truth As your awareness grows, you are in the process of awakening to your true self, the nature of the Divine. You are ready to walk a new footpath that will lead you to achieve higher states of consciousness and higher dimensions of yourself. As you open up, you will be able to lift the veil of illusions and see the world through the eyes of your higher self.

When being open to receiving, you align yourself with the Creator and the energies of the Universe.  Now more than ever, you need to stay focused on the things that you want to experience in this lifetime. You must persevere with what you desire and strive for excellence. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have a commitment to do it well. Remember, you are the creator of your own reality.  Your thoughts become words, and your words become actions.

The 10/10 reminds you that you are fully supported at all times by light beings from higher vibrational dimensions. You’re never alone. Never forget that you are co-creating your reality and you are supported by the whole Universe.

We must also consider the influence of the full date which totals a 14 and reduces to a 5.

14 is known as Movement in the Color Mirrors and is turquoise over turquoise and is ruled by Mercury which all about communication and movement. It also reminds us that the unexpected can happen at any time and that travel is in the air and good fortune is yours. It also indicates magnetic communication with the public and relates to the media, publishing, television and the internet.

14 reduces to a 5 which is Mercury which is green over green. It also relates to movement, communication and versatility. It relates to heart energy and helps you to deal with issues of discipline and freedom. Green in color therapy is all about needing space for heart healing. The colors also signify change and new beginnings and help you to release old masks. Everything you hide behind must be removed. You can only be free by being honest with yourself.

Harness the energy of the number 10 to embrace a new beginning

Another influence to observe is that we are currently in the year 2019 which totals 12 and reduces to a 3 and carries the energy of Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Bottle 12 is called Heaven on Earth and is violet over red. These colors ask us to look at what we believe about our world and provide us with the opportunity to look at what we are still judging as not heaven and therefore not God.

Bottle 3 is coral over coral and resonates with the new Christ Ray. It is a color that suggests a move away from old patterns of giving your power away and reclaiming who you are and what you do fearlessly. It is finally time to unconditionally accept yourself with love and compassion.

Finally, we can gain further insights from the number 19 from 2019 which is represented by Buddhic Bliss in the Color Mirrors. Once again, this represents resurrection and new beginnings. This is the most positive color combination as the magenta denotes Divine love and the gold denotes a deep sense of your own power and beauty. You have been through the dark night and now is the time to receive joy and love!

Drawing on the energy of number 10,  you can see this is an unbelievably powerful day and starts a tsunami of energy across the planet for the next 3 months so hold onto your hats!

Please leave a few comments below to let me know what action steps you are going to take to harness the energy of number 10 and navigate this potent period of your soul reawakening to the ultimate truth.


Hope you enjoy :)




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