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Welcome to the wonderful Full Moon in Gemini – happening right on the cusp of the Winter Solstice!

Gemini rules the mind and is inventive, playful, childlike and communicative. Gemini loves to widen your perspective by integrating information.

Mercury, the ruling planet for Gemini, will be going retrograde five days after this Full Moon – right before the Winter Solstice.

Your thoughts, ideas and how you think about life is going to deepen while you integrate a new heart-centered awareness.

This Full Moon in Gemini happens on December 14th at 12:04 a.m. in London, England and in the Americas on December 13th in the late afternoon and evening.

12.14.2016 adds up to a 17 Universal Date.

2017 is the Year of Money, Miracles and Manifestation!

With number 17 activated, you will get a preview of the leadership, abundance and immortality themes that will inspire us all next year.

HOW are you going to SHARE in way that allows you to feel happy and empowered?

See all the exciting details in this brand new Full Moon Forecast video.

During this full moon thoughts will be transmitted very quickly and effortlessly, so you want to listen in and tune in to new perspectives and your perception about life.

Have a happy and engaging Gemini Full Moon!

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