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What an amazingly fortunate and powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up the skies on June 20 – just hours before the Summer Solstice!

This is the SECOND Sagittarius Full Moon in a row!

It happens on Monday June 20th at 7:02 am Eastern, 4:02 am Pacific, and at 12:02 pm Universal Time (London).

The first Full Moon in Sagittarius lit up last month on May 21st at 1° – right at the beginning of Sagittarius – and this one on Monday lights the heavens on the final 29th degree. 29° is a “critical degree” in astrology, which means everything is more intense.

Furthermore… in Sagittarius, the 29° point is also called an ARIES Point.

When planets land on any Aries point (there are only a few Aries Points in the 360 degree circle of the zodiac) they carry a very important, intensified message, attracting more lasting shifts and profound developments.

Also, in the numerology code we have a major emphasis on the Master Number 11 and root number 2, indicating love and partnerships will be activated:

  • 29° adds up to 11/2, a powerful Master Number.
  • June 20th is a 20/2 Universal Day.
  • Mercury will be at 11°.
  • Saturn will be at 11°.

Another reason this Full Moon has so much impact is that it forms a Grand Cross – a big square in the heavens.

This mutable Grand Cross is symbolic of a journey of transformation – where we move our thoughts into divine consciousness. A Grand Cross is super activating… it acts like a big battery, and you’ll feel compelled to embrace this deep spiritual journey!

Have a wonderful Full Moon!

Blessings and Abundance,
Tania Gabrielle

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