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Welcome to the freedom-seeking Aquarius Full Moon – the sign of breakthroughs, freedom, invention and your soul family.

The powerful numerology on August 18 activates a double 8-8 and double 9-9 code placing a great emphasis on heart-centered leadership and inner faith:

  • 8.18.2016 is a 26/8 Universal Date
  • August, 2016 is a 17/8 Universal Month
  • August 18 is a 9 Universal Day
  • Ad 2016 is a 9 Universal Year!

This is a very empowering code!

You feel like you can tackle anything – and you CAN! Aquarius is all about being TRUE to yourself, being original and not conform to expectations, which have nothing to do with your soul calling.

See your life and the world with NEW eyes. STOP wanting to please others at your own expense.

And commit only to your heart-centered truth.

That means, you’re really going to feel like trying new things and leaving your comfort zone and going out and widening your circle of friends and your acquaintances. Choose to be with some people who are extraordinary now and who are different from you and learn from them. And just let go of those relationships that really have no true passion – no fire in them anymore.

This incredible Full Moon is generating a personal catharsis in you…

Watch the fantastic forecast for this exciting shift of new possibilities in your life in this brand New Full Moon Forecast video!

You’ll also discover all the amazing aspects between Venus, Jupiter, Mars and what they entail – plus what the rare “Finger of God” holds in store… the news for this Full Moon is VERY uplifting, magical and positive!

Feel beautiful and strong, my friend.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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