The Laws of Attraction teaches us that our thoughts can be our best ally or our worst enemy. Very often negative thought patterns that keep us from attracting the kind of life we want are based on concepts that are easily defined by Numerology, and the most common ones are easily found in the 9 Fadic, or single-digit numbers.

You may have one or more of these as a Karmic Lesson, or in excess in your Life Path, or it could resonate with your Personal Year, but the message is clear – at least one of these vibrations will define your main difficulty in manifesting the life you want.

To help you understand why you personally experience certain limiting beliefs (and find out what you can do about them), you can unlock your Sacred Personality Code here. 

The 9 Self-Limiting Thoughts

1. “There are too many obstacles to my success” – this is a typical 1 vibration issue that has to do with self-esteem. It may be that your want to smash obstacles, or that you let them smash you. The antidote is: “no obstacles exist that cannot be overcome.”

2. “My success can only come from other’s generosity” – a typical belief that happiness and success are dependent on others. The truth is that it’s not lonely at the top; it’s just more crowded at the bottom. The remedy is the thought that: “others will support my rise to success.”

3. “I need to be everything for everyone” – people-pleasing is not the answer to anything. Pursue anything you want, one pursuit at a time. In order to resolve this issue, it is important for you to realize that: “I only need to be myself, which is really what I am.”

4. “I’m too old to fulfill my dreams” – happens when one does not recognize that what’s easy may not be what’s efficient. Vibration 4 can be very resourceful when it comes to the use of time, money or energy. The antidote is: “I am ready to live the life I choose.”

5. “I want to do things my own way” – the drive to freedom may limit one’s possibilities when taken too far. It’s easy to miss great opportunities because you might think that they’ll interfere with your plans. The remedy for this is: “let me give it a try and see how it works out.”

6. “I have to be responsible to others (family, friends, etc.)” – is a good idea, but it drains energy you could be devoting to your well-being. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else. The antidote is: “My well-being is my first priority.”

7. “I can only trust that which I see before me” – this is not a question of faith, because plenty of scientists have a lot of faith, in the scientific method. They believe that truth will guide them. The remedy for this one is: “I am ready to believe in what lies behind my experience.”

8. “I can’t afford it” – an insidious thought that we all have learned, and a hard one to avoid, because the abundance of the universe is always presented to us, but we are taught to think that only the privileged have access to it: “I do not need to control the world” is the remedy.

9. “To give is better than to receive” – is another good idea that doesn’t get one far when it comes to success. In the real world, there is nothing wrong with receiving; it only means that you are part of a universal energy cycle. “I am ready to receive” is the cure.

So think about these limiting thoughts, and consider how easy it is to swap them out for those that support and nurture you.

You may feel some or all of these limiting thoughts apply to you. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t eliminate them. It all starts with understanding who you are. If you’re ready to unlock the secrets of your soul (so you can understand why you experience certain barriers) you can unlock your Sacred Personality Code here.