Numbers look harmless, and you encounter and use them every day. However, in the practice of numerology, numbers have metaphysical significance. If one takes away the layers and complexities of the universe, everything can be reduced to numbers.

These numbers have vibrations and meaning behind them that have a profound impact on people’s lives, personality and destinies. Numbers can bring tremendous luck, especially if you hit the jackpot on the lottery or they can be a whammy if you have to deal with difficult math problems, taxations, and bills. However, if you think that a failing grade or filing tax returns are sinister and chilling, there’s more.

In a lot of crime scenes, numbers are invisible clues that weave a story. It is no secret that police investigators and detectives turn to numerologists and astrologers when they hit a wall to decipher a greater cosmic pattern. In the following exploration of five horrific crimes, numbers have hidden meanings suggesting the powerful symbolism of numbers at work in the universe.

Horrific Crime # 1- Ted Bundy and the Significance of Master Numbers

Background of the Crime

Ted Bundy was a serial killer and rapist who performed his evil deeds in the seventies and possibly earlier. He had an inclination for gore and mutilating his victims, mostly women and young children. Ted Bundy performed grotesque and nightmarish acts on his victims and was thrilled by the sufferings he inflicted. Experts have diagnosed him as a sadistic sociopath.

Bundy would be unrepentful and would even call himself, “the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you will ever meet”. The acts he did on his victims showed no mercy. Murdering them was not enough, and he would revisit the crime scene and perform sexual relations with the decomposing bodies. Necrophilia is part of the heinous collective that thrilled his sadistic personality. Police officers would finally track him down and jail him. After court proceedings, Ted Bundy would be incriminated for murdering dozens of women in seven states in the years between 1974 and 1978.

Appearances can be deceiving since Ted Bundy had significant charm and good looks. Playacting was part of his strategy, and he would approach his victims in public places pretending injury or passing himself as an authority figure. Once alone with them, he would bludgeon his victims, and the evil act would follow. Ted Bundy was executed in the electric chair in 1989, which put an end to a nightmarish legacy.

Numerology Links

Ted Bundy was born with strong numbers. Analyzing the numerological meaning behind his name and birth date will reveal plenty of 1s and even the presence of Master Number 11. Ted Bundy was strongly attracted to the act of rape and killing. The word rape has a numerological equivalence of 22  and killing an equivalence of 11. Both are Master Numbers. Ted Bundy’s full name of Theodore Robert Cowell Bundy gives him a Soul Urge number of 11, which is a Master Number. The Soul Urge Number rules inner desires and instincts. Having a Soul Urge number of 11 points to an urge to be in control and to follow one’s intuition. These people are strongly psychic, and their hunches are often right. Having a Soul Number of 11 is a gift put to sinister use by Ted Bundy. He used trust as a weapon to trap his victims and to control them.

Ted Bundy’s birthday falls on November 24, 1946, which gives him a Birthday number of 1. The Birthday Number points to the special abilities that will guide people through their life. The presence of number 1 in the core numbers indicates a personality that is warrior-like and is at the forefront. The number one is the primal force and is the number of creation as well as destruction.

Rape and killing are acts that give a person immense control over another. The goal of these acts is to satisfy a thirst for power. The vibrations of numbers did their work in the legacy of Ted Bundy’s life. However, instead of coming into the light, these numbers were used negatively in acts that have left its mark of horror in the minds of millions of people who have come to know the tale.

Horrific Crime # 2- The Rape and Murder of Jill Meagher and the Shared Numbers Between Murderer and Victim

Background of the Crime

Jillian McKeon or Jillian Meagher was a rape and murder victim in 2012. Beautiful and happily married, Jill had a good life going for her. It was a typical day of September when Jill walked in the early hours to go home from work.

She passed Sydney Road in Hope street where a man in a blue hoodie accosted her. This man was Adrian Ernest Bayley, and he was anything but a typical man you would pass on the street. Later, police investigators will discover footage from the Duchess Boutique bridal shop showing an argument between Jill and Adrian. Jill was trying to fend off his advances while waving her phone in a seeming threat to call for help.

At this time Bayley met Jill was already on parole for three past sexual offenses. When he was finally arrested, there was public outrage across all media. Bayley finally broke down and confessed to killing and raping Jill Meagher. He admitted to strangling her with his bare hands. He led police to the site where he buried Jill’s body. While in jail, Adrian Bayley would try to commit suicide, which failed.

Bayley would later be convicted and serve an imprisonment of up to 43 years. Experts have diagnosed him as having borderline personality disorder which may have been due in part to the physical and sexual abuse he suffered in childhood.

Numerology Links

Jillian McKeon and Adrian Bayley would share many numbers. The vibrations of these numbers in their lives may have caused them to have intertwined destinies. Bayley picked out Jill not just out of random but because of their vibration links revealed in significant numbers. At the surface, Jill Meagher will be attractive to Adrian because she represented something he could never have. She was young, beautiful and beyond his reach. He committed past sexual offenses before, and he was a recidivist looking for the perfect new victim.

Adrian Bayley was born on July 14, 1971, and has a Birthday Number of 3. The Birthday Number of 3 endows a person with a highly creative spirit. They have a desire to put to action their vision and desires. In the case of Bayley, these desires have dark and twisted forms. People with the number 3 are guided by an inner rhythm that allows them to be lucky and to be in the right place at the right time.

The number 3 of Bayley’s Birthday number corresponds to the surname Meagher which is also ruled by number 3. Jill Meagher’s full maiden name: Jillian McKeon and Jillian Meagher both have a Soul Urge Number of 3. The Birthday Number is a powerful core number.

Could this numerology link have been the reason why Adrian Bayley chose Jillian Meagher on that fateful day of September the 22nd? It should also be noted that the equivalent number of rape is 22, the date when Jill Meagher was attacked.

Horrific Crime # 3- The Rape and Murder of Anita Cobby and Links to Australia’s Last Man Hanged

Background of the Crime

Nurse Anita Cobby is a typical sweetheart. She was beautiful, accomplished and young. She is a beauty pageant winner and a registered nurse. Anita Cobby could have been a successful model having won the Miss Western Suburb Pageant, but she decided to follow a less glamorous route and worked as a nurse instead.

June 10th, 1987 was her fateful day when walking home near Blacktown train station she was abducted by unidentified men. Hours before she had been happily dining with a couple of colleagues.

Her body was later found days after with knife wounds, strangulation marks, and wire lacerations. The autopsy showed that a slit throat was the cause of death. All evidence points that she had suffered some torture before she was killed. Who could have been the monster that killed her? The ensuing chase led police to arrest five men who would later be convicted and serve life imprisonment without parole.

Among the five men arrested the man who stood out was John Travers, who is also the leader of the gang.  He lived in a background of poverty and detentions at juvenile facilities. At a young age, he exhibited violence towards farm animals. John Travers has a proclivity for violent sexual behavior and has even performed acts of bestiality.

Numerology Links

John Travers has a Birthday Number of 7. This number expressed positively is a person who is intellectual, spiritual, and a seeker of truth. On the negative side, the number 7 denotes an inability to be empathetic. They can be cruel and heartless both in their words and in their actions. Number 7 people will tend only to see their troubles but not the pain of others.

John Travers grew up in a cold-hearted system where he suffered abuses and neglect, which could have contributed to his later psychopathy. Many experts believe that Travers’ case was a failure in the social system. He was too young to have committed such a heinous crime since he was only 19 years old.

People with the core number 7 tend to be picked out in a group and in their gang of 5 that fateful night the young John Travers was the leader and the mastermind.

However, it is eerie that John Travers has close numerical links to the last man that was hung in Australia, Ronald Ryan. Like Travers, Ryan was raised in poverty. He was imprisoned for theft and was hanged for shooting a jail guard. Travers was born in the year Ryan was hung, which is 1967. It is also eerie that Anita’s maiden surname is Lynch which literally means death by hanging. Anita Cobby and the historical Ronald Ryan also share the Personality Number of 5.

The murder of Anita Cobby happened in February, which is the month of John Travers’ birth and the month when Ronald Ryan was hanged. Is it all a coincidence, or were there karmic forces at work?

Horrific Crime # 4- The Bill Comeans Murder and the Significance of the Personal Year Numbers

Background of the Crime

Bill Comeans was a teenager back in the late seventies who was murdered in the year 1980. He was a typical teenager who enjoyed the closeness of a tight-knit family. Like most teenagers, he would have a part-time job and Bill, in this case, worked as a newspaper delivery boy.

In his freshman year, Bill was bullied and attacked by unknown men. It is not known if these perpetrators are kids from his school since Bill never really got a good look at them. During his paper route, he would suffer attacks from men who would appear out of nowhere.

In the first attempt, a garbage bag was wrapped around his head, and a bicycle tube tire was tied around his neck. Clearly, the goal was to choke and strangle him. This attack was committed a second time when unknown men jumped out of a light blue car and accosted him in the street.

A rope was tied around his neck, and Bill was left for dead beneath a tree. In both assaults, Bill Comeans would regain consciousness and simply walk back home. However, in the third attempt to his life, he wasn’t so lucky. On January 7th, 1980, he was strangled to death with his own scarf, and he was never revived.

Numerology Links

There are several theories on the death of Bill Comeans, and up to now, detectives remain perplexed. A notable theory is Bill Comeans may have made up his attacks and caused his own death.

Strangulation and asphyxiation are the common modes of attack on Bill Comeans’ life. Could Bill have been doing it to himself all along?

In some cases, people purposely asphyxiate themselves since the feeling of choking heightens sexual experiences. Detectives propose that Bill Comeans may have a deviancy called autoerotic asphyxiation.

However, it cannot be ruled out that there may be actual perpetrators, and they may even know Bill and his family since they seem to know his routine well.

During the second attempt on his life, he was in a Personal Year of 2. Being on a Personal Year of 2 is a period of emotional extremes. Depression tends to occur in this year, and there will be very deep relationships with the opposite sex. There are some indications that there may have been a love affair involved in the attempts at Bill Comeans’ life. Also, the second attack coincided with his Personal month of 48/3. These numbers are significant since it represents the end of cycles and completions. There is a tendency to rise and fall, and karmic forces can either work positively in one’s favor or negatively causing weakness. In the case of Bill Comeans, the date left him vulnerable for attack.

It should also be noted that the second attack on Bill Comeans occurred on October 22, 1979. The number 22 is a master number that corresponds to the words, rape and rage. Were there homoerotic underpinnings to the attacks on Bill Comeans’ life? The truth remains a mystery forty years later.

Horrific Crime # 5- The Murder of Miss Brisbane 1993 and the Power Square Number

Background of the Crime

Some people would have the potential to have it all and become extremely successful in life. Allison June Dickie would put her abilities to work and create goals to be a success. She was blessed with both beauty and immense talent.

In 1993 Allison became Miss Brisbane, and she was on the verge of a happy and fulfilled life. In 1997, Allison married Gerard Robert Baden-Clay and became Allison Baden-Clay. They would share a picture-perfect marriage for 15 years until the facade would crumble in the year 2012.

In April of that year, police would gather in the Baden-Clay home to investigate a missing person, none other than Allison Baden-Clay. Her husband declared her missing on the 20th of April, claiming that she had gone for a walk and never came back.

Ten days later on the 30th of April her body was found. Months later police would interview Gerard and charge him with the murder of his wife. It is later revealed that there has been a significant crack in the marriage of the Baden-Clays. A history of domestic violence has been occurring within the household, the root of which was, career and financial jealousies. Allison was enjoying great successes while Gerard suffered low esteem in his career.

It is also significant that Allison is insured for $800,000 at the time of her death. Although her husband would be charged with murder, it would be later downgraded to manslaughter. As the theory goes, he may not have meant to murder his wife but accidentally delivered a blow powerful enough during an argument that may have caused her death.

Numerology Links

Allison and her husband met as colleagues in the same business firm. They are linked both professionally and personally throughout their marriage.

During the Brisbane floods, which caused thousands of casualties and caused a lot of real estate businesses to sink, the Baden-Clays together with their partners were trying to keep their business afloat.

The first concern was to stop over expenditures and to keep a close eye on cash flow. Three investors who are in business together with the Baden-Clays regularly talked to Allison in 2011, and they grew to be confident with her business acumen and trusted her more than her husband, Gerard.

Allison has strong numbers in her birth chart. She has the number 44/8, which is the pinnacle expression of number 8. A person with this number which is sometimes referred to as a power square, can rise to worldwide fame and have great wisdom. Allison used her number vibrations in making smart business decisions and to be successful in many areas.

She knew multiple languages and worked as a life coach. As a Master 44/8 person, she would be attracted to Gerard Baden-Clay due to his military ancestry. His forebears included Lord Baden-Powell, who was a British Army officer. The word Military has a number equivalence of 44/8. However, Gerard Baden-Clay would not live up to the legacy of his heritage and ended up being a resentful shadow in his marriage.

Final Thoughts

Numbers are not so innocent and have vibrations behind them. Are there numbers haunting you all your life? Perhaps the numbers appear when you calculate the date of your birth, your GPA, or your cell number. Number patterns can be uncanny. Maybe it is time to stop and decipher the meaning of these numbers to see if they are giving you clues.

The symbolism behind the numbers in these five horrific crimes tells us that numbers have significance, and if they are bestowed as gifts, can be used for either harm or good. There is a force in everything the potential and power of which is truly told, only by the hands that wield them.

What are some numbers that constantly appear in your life? Let us know in the comments…


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