What The 1st Full Moon Of 2015 Means For You + January 2015 Wealth Forecast

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numerology pinnacle numbers meaningHappy 2015!!

I’m SO thrilled we’ve officially started this wonderful 8 Universal Year. What a glorious, heavenly 8-15-6 Love and Abundance code awakens in our hearts for the next 12 months.

Many, many blessings and opportunities are in store for you.

To initiate 2015 and give you a few weeks to realign and adjust to this new energy, January begins the year with a 9 Universal Month.

Starting 2015 with a 9 Month is a strong invitation to release your false beliefs about success and money. You are making room for WEALTH!
A very intense Cancer Full Moon stirs things up on Sunday, January 4 in the Americas, Monday January 5 in the rest of the world.
Mid-January a crazy series of transits takes you even deeper into your soul’s calling. You’ll want to stay grounded and calm to experience this profound moment when spirit merges with matter to create lasting abundance.
Mercury Retrograde later in the month helps you assimilate your ideas and goals so you can embrace a financially and emotionally rewarding life all year long.
A beautiful, happy, divinely blessed New Moon awaits us – the FIFTH consecutive New Moon at 00 degrees!

Enjoy your January 2015 Forecast:

Happy, Blessed, Wonderful New Year to you and your loved ones!

Love and Hugs,

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