February 2015 Wealth & Full Moon (Feb 3rd) Forecast

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full moon horoscopeAfter January’s 9 activation of release and endings, February comes as a welcome month of New Beginnings.

This is the 10 Universal Month of Instant Manifestation!

Your ability to generate anything at will is on fire now. Including your ability to manifest money!

Remember, 2015 is an 8 Universal Year of Awakened Wealth Consciousness, and in February you’re being given a free pass to create anything your heart desires, to go implement your dreams, and activate your goals, knowing it’s all going to manifest really fast all month long!

The FULL MOON on February 3rd emphasizes the celebration message for February even more.

➳ 3 is the number of Joyous Creative Self Expression.
This is a LEO Full Moon carrying such a positive, sunny energy!

The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, so a Leo Full Moon naturally fuses these two light-bodies together creating a double dose of sunniness! There are no planets forming a challenging relationship to the sun or moon. At the same time, two planets, Jupiter and Uranus, are infusing the New Moon with a positive double dose of excitement.

This is a Full Moon of Great Fortune.

For more on the complete Full Moon Code, the special meaning of the final day of Mercury Retrograde and how the New Moon on February 18 triggers a major pivotal moment in your life, watch you February Astro-Numerology Wealth Forecast:


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