June 2019



June 2019 is a 9 Universal Month, which means, in Numerology, it brings the end of a cycle.

This could mean many things for you – perhaps it’s glaringly obvious what’s coming to a close? Is it a relationship, a business project or an outine that’s no longer serving you?

Or perhaps instead you feel a subtler release of energy is needed – an outmoded thought pattern, belief system, or even a fixed idea that’s holding you back?

The energy of the 9 supports closure, so this month, surrender to what wants to exit your life and Let. It. Go.

This number also holds a valuable lesson that’s all too easy to forget: in order for new things to enter in, we must release
the past. A new cycle cannot begin before the last one has completed. So tie up your loose ends this month, finish up any outstanding tasks and clear the decks.

Something new is on the cards!

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