December 2020Pin


NO matter how much you want to get ahead this month, December brings the frequency of retreat. The number 7 is introspective. It needs solitude and time for contemplation to really maximize its potential. So to make the most of this month, you’re gonna have to carve out a little me-time.

In amongst the flurry of Sagittarius season (which we’re still in ‘til December 22nd) and not forgetting Christmas chaos, try to get back to the core of what it’s all about. The 7 is a truth-seeker above all else. Meaning and truth will be your raison d’etre this month, so don’t skim over the surface.

And likewise, get real with the people you’re close to. Be honest about what you need. Ask for space when you need it. Ask for straight answers when you need them.

Thank Goddess that the start of this 7 Universal Month is a clean sweep – very few notable astrological events mean that emotions should run smoothly and plans unhindered. Leaving plenty of time for some R & R. And don’t feel guilty about it!

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