August 2020Pin


Sunshine and delight reins supreme – hurrah! After the intensity of July and it’s Master Number 11 energy signature, August arrives to ring in the changes.

Artistic, and free-thinking, the number 3 creates a colorful canvas for the month.

Carrying echoes of last year’s overarching 3 Universal energy, August is all about pleasure and joy (didn’t quite get enough of it back in 2018? Here’s another chance!)

Find ways to feel good.

Seek out ways to work because you love it, not because you have to – weave fun and games throughout your daily routine and remember to smile and see the positives.

Communication is called into focus too – especially now we’re out of the Mercury Rx Shadow. So this month, ponder – Are you speaking truthfully, to yourself, and others? Or are you mostly saying what you think wants to be heard? Three energy can struggle to discern between the two – so practicing authentic expression (ramping up the tact dial, obvs.) could bring you to a brand new level of emotional freedom.

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