April 2021Pin


April brings with it the end of the numerical cycle, and with it comes
closure and transcendence. This can bring you gifts in more ways than
one, but that doesn’t mean that it will feel easy.

In fact, it’ll probably feel really, really hard. Letting go and moving on
from people and situations that drain your energy is never an easy task… but it
is always a task that results in a freer, lighter, and more authentic self.
So trust the endings that are coming into fruition this month, and allow yourself to let
them go.

The money and success-driven energy of last month has been left behind, and instead, we’re
greeted with the wisdom, maturity, creative and artistic pursuits that the 9 brings forth.
Think of it like the Grandpa of numerology… he’s wise beyond his years, could care less about
riches or fame, and instead makes it a point to dance, sing, and volunteer his free time to
helping others in need.

He lived long enough to know what really matters in life, and that what he puts his energy into. You’re being called to release the past and welcome in the spiritual growth and evolution that’s awaiting you!