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April 2019


A 7 Universal month carries a more introspective, ideas-focused energy than any other.

This month could feel like the brakes are on, like you can’t quite get up the momentum that you
need, but it’s important not to resist the flow of this Numerology cycle. So if you keep coming up
against resistance, try letting your foot off the gas – listen to the signs!

The 7 often comes to reveal hidden meanings and messages, before they manifest into the material world around you, so this month, ensure you’re a strong vessel to receive this information.

Do this by continuing from last month’s ‘6’ trend, and taking care of your body, mind and spirit – but especially your mind.

Unplug. Meditate. Track your Dreams. Only read, watch and listen to things that nourish your mind – avoid mindless media.

With a lot of retrograde energy kicking off in April, this is no time to leap before you have all the information you need, so practice patience. Your time will come!

Self-care is a big theme this month – if you’re not looking after your own mind, body, and soul, how can you look after anybody else’s, however much you feel like you ‘should’?

With a super-strong sense of responsibility, 6 energy often won’t stop until it’s reached perfection – just like a frazzled mother who needs  everything to be just right but ends up burning herself down to the ground.

But this kind of behavior ends up serving nobody. So beware of over-giving this month. Focus on rejuvenating your resources, and filling your own cup.

As the number of creativity, this is also an ideal time to inspire and restore through art, crafts, poetry, and dance!

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Rose May Foster is a writer for with a penchant for the lighter side of numerology, astrology and all things divination. Often found in the depths of the Twitterverse or scouring #hilarious Instagram accounts, Rose uses YOUR thoughts as her research to bring tongue in cheek and binge-worthy articles that'll have you LOL'ing along with her!



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