Black & White Portrait of Older Woman, Divine Feminine AwakeningPinMany people are now aware that Sacred Feminine energy is rising, but what is this spiritual force, and what does its come-back mean for you?

What is the Divine (Sacred) Feminine?

Divine or Sacred Feminine energy (also known by many as Sophia) can be defined as one half of the Universal consciousness that moves through our planet (and beyond) enabling creation to occur. Its counterpart is the Sacred Masculine. And for health, vitality and sustainable growth to be present in any ecosystem – from the personal to the planetary – both must be in balance. But for thousands of years, the voice of the Goddess has been silenced and suppressed.

Is the Patriarchy a Divine Masculine Expression?

For the past 13,000 years, the Divine Masculine has also been operating from its shadow aspect. The Patriarchy we see around us is certainly NOT a Divine Masculine expression. He too is hurting. But one of the most powerful ways to redress the balance and allow a new, true, authentic Divine Masculine expression to be birthed, is to honor the Feminine. She knows this. So as we transition from this crumbling paradigm and into a new way of existing, both in and with Mother Earth, the Goddess is fighting back! (You can read more about this HERE).

HOW Can I Find the Divine Feminine?

The Divine Feminine is not “out there” somewhere. This form of holy consciousness isn’t something you need to seek out. It exists within each and every one of us, from the Maiden to the Mother to the Crone AND from the Youth to the Warrior to the Sage (and every human expression in between). The Divine Feminine is awakening in you.

The Goddess Speaks to Women and to Men

couple embracing at duskPinIt’s a common misconception when working with Divine Feminine principles that you must be female, or identify as female to do it. It may be easier for women to identify with certain sacred feminine archetypes, symbols and rituals; especially as women are the ones to viscerally move through motherhood and other female rites of passage. But both men and women contain Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects. And in fact, teaching men to embrace their own divine feminine qualities can create immensely powerful shifts, both personally and collectively. So all genders hold the responsibility of re-activating this sacred earth energy. If you invite her, She will move through you whoever you are.

How to Activate the Goddess through Numerology

Numerology is an excellent place to start on your journey of awakening the sacred feminine. The core numbers in your numerology chart reveal the character of the Goddess that already moves through you and your life, so these numbers are one of the best places to begin.  You can read more about the reasons for this HERE.

To read about how the Goddess Speaks through the other Numbers in your numerology chart, follow the links below…

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Other Numbers are coming soon…

Here, we’ll discuss the Number 4, and how you can use the power and energy of this archetype to heal yourself, heal ancestral trauma and re-awaken the energy of the Goddess within. You may have a lot of the archetype of the number 4 in your chart, you may have very little, or none at all. But this doesn’t mean it won’t call to you at different times throughout your life. So read on…

How does the Goddess Speak through the Number 4?

The Number 4 is grounded, logical and practical. At first glance, the 4 may not seem to have that much in common with the Divine Feminine. Her energy is intuitive, flowing and based on the heart, rather than on logic. And the 4 is SO logically-minded! Characterized by a flair for creating structure, order and a love of efficient systems and methods, the 4 seeks refinement and understanding. So isn’t this more characteristic of the Divine Masculine? Surely He provides the form, structure and container for Divine Feminine energy to flow within?

That’s what we’re often told, yes. But the way these energies work together is not black and white, and the 4 holds many deeply feminine virtues…

strong looking womanPin

The flowing, changeable nature of the Sacred Feminine is not to be misunderstood as flakiness or folly. She trusts in life, and the winding, unpredictable path She follows because She is deeply held by and connected, not just to Spirit, but to her ancestors. So is the Number 4 (see below).

The Sacred Feminine has a powerful, even awe-inspiring presence. Her strength is unmistakable and in it’s highest iteration, the 4 is the most stable, reliable and trustworthy expression there is. The 4 represents the building blocks of life, the elements from which we all come. So this number also represents our communion and intimacy with all other life on our planet. Whether rocks or trees, iPhones or skyscrapers, we are all made of the same stuff! The energy of the Number 4 symbolizes this interconnection and one-ness of life, which IS the Goddess embodied.

The Number 4, Divine Feminine and Embodied Wisdom

Physically, the 4 is tenacious and strong. It has stamina and enjoys routine and regularity. But far from being rigid and fixed, the Divine Feminine manifests through the 4 as devotion. This is different from traits of doggedness and sheer persistent effort. Devotion is an offering of work, of effort, energy and love.

To activate the Divine Feminine through the 4 is to make each act a devotional practice: An act of love. The 4 loves a plan. And the Divine Feminine has one, so it’s part of the mission of those with this number, to follow it. The 4 has an incredible capacity to actualize energy – to be and to create vessels for Spirit to work through. Which means there is incredible potential for this number to channel the Sacred Feminine. (Of course, each number has this potential, but the 4 has it amplified). It simply requires intention. Then let your body act in service.

neon love signPin

Another message that moves through the 4, awakening the Sacred Feminine within, is how the immediate environment is an extension of the body. It’s really important for those with this number in their personal numerology charts to take extra care of their physical bodies, enabling them to become the efficient machines that characterize this vibration. A thorough understanding of what foods, diets, supplements, regimes and routines most serve your body (rather than what external circumstances dictate) will really serve you, and the activation of the sacred feminine through you. This self-honoring practice will, in turn, ripple out into your home, your work and play spaces and beyond. Inviting in Divine Feminine energy in this way is not about control or restriction, it is more aligned with deep listening and alignment with nature’s ways.

Awakening the Sacred Feminine through Exercise and Dance

As the King (or Queen!) of routine, sticking to an exercise plan should not be a challenge for the Number 4. Again, using devotion to deepen into a physical practice will serve those who wish to activate the Sacred Feminine through their bodies. Creating a daily ritual from exercise, to transform it from simply keeping fit to embodying divine energy will help to avoid it becoming a chore or losing its vitality.

For every single number in numerology (and every human here!), using dance is one of the most immediate and powerful tools to awaken the Divine Feminine. But alongside the 4’s huge capacity to create and refine, lies the danger that it may induce sameness, stuck-ness, lethargy and an unyielding approach in life. For this reason, dance is an incredible way to keep this number feeling light and free. Use dance as a metaphor for life and let your body flow! Take risks, move with abandon and shake your inhibitions loose!

But DO combine this with the structure you need – take classes, learn skills and find belonging in traditions. Dance is one of the best ways we can connect with our heritage, so exploring what this means for you could be a potent path for you to follow.

The Number 4, Divine Feminine and Examining Your Emotions

For the Number 4, emotions can be wrapped up closely with the past, with expectations and a sense of duty, responsibility and tradition. Because we are moving through a period in history where traditions are being both destroyed AND restored, those who have an affinity with this number have an extra layer of work to do around reclaiming the feminine.

Working with the 4 requires you to scrutinize your beliefs, your behaviors and where they come from. What are your core beliefs about being a woman? (and if you’re male, what are your core beliefs around what a woman should be?)

  • What should a woman look like?
  • What should a woman sound like?
  • What should a woman do for work?
  • What should a woman do at the weekend?
  • Should a woman take care of her own children?
  • Are there any roles or careers a woman should be exempt from?

Read through and answer these questions and then see if you are especially resistant to any of the core beliefs or presumptions which were revealed. So many of our beliefs around the feminine are informed by societal and familial structures, and so many no longer serve either women or men. Yet we perpetuate them.

But the work of the Number 4 isn’t to break the rules! It’s to question assumptions and then create the world anew… according to what is true, for you. This may align with traditional roles, or it may not. Truth and authenticity are what matter.

The Number 4, Divine Feminine and Ancestral Spirits

The Number 4 connects to Spirit through ancestral lines. It finds stability not only through rooting into this life, but by connecting to each life that came before and building upon the wisdom of the ages. In our modern, western societies, not many of us revere the older generation or honor the elderly as the wisdom keepers of our lineage. In many indigenous cultures, the elders of a community are cherished, listened to and understood to be wise sages. And those who have passed beyond the veil – the ancestors – are still honored, consulted and prayed to – in many cultures around the world, it’s commonplace to have an ancestral altar set up in every single home. But rarely is that the case here in the West.

old family photographs scattered on the floorPin

A HUGE part of the Divine Feminine awakening on our planet involves us looking back into our history (or herstory) and re-connecting to the traditions, rites, rituals, practices, knowledge and truths of our Grandmothers (and Grandfathers).

So much of the healing that we need to do both personally and collectively can be done through looking back through our ancestral lines and working from the foundations we find there.

It’s up to us each to re-discover our lineages for ourselves.

The energy of the Number 4 does this best.

Not only is it deeply grounded and anchored into the Earth – which is what Divine Feminine energy also is – but its frequency acts as an anchor for others. This means that if you have the Number 4 in your chart, the ancestral explorations and healing that you do will be essential for the healing of the collective. Here are some starting points:

Ancestral Healing for the Divine Feminine

  • Find photographs of members of your family tree. Ask relatives about your family, trace their stories and honor them as people – just like you – who did the work they needed to do on Earth, while they were here!
  • Consider making an ancestral altar in your home. These are incredibly powerful, in many cases becoming portals for a huge amount of spiritual guidance and support. Remember that your ancestral lineage will go back far further than any living folk are likely to still have memories and handed-down-stories about, and it will stretch into geographic and cultural realms that are quite different from what you now recognize as home.
  • Use meditation and divination to explore the depth and expanse of your ancestral lineage – ask Spirit to show you where you come from, and guide you towards what needs to be healed.
  • Be aware that the healing YOU embark upon is very likely to be caused by ancestral trauma. Don’t let this concern you, but act as fuel to be the one to change familial patterning for good! Your simple awareness will serve as a catalyst to the healing of your family lines.
  • Seek out an expert – if you feel a pull towards this work, then the Spirits could be speaking through you! Find somebody who specializes in ancestral healing to work with you one-to-one.
  • If you’re a woman, focus on womb healing. A lot of female ancestral trauma is carried through the generations from mother to daughter, and held in the womb. If you have very painful PMS, fertility problems, or any issues at all around your sacral chakra, then work to heal this area of your body as an absolute priority. This is one of the fastest, most effective and most transformational ways to allow the flow of sacred feminine energy into your life.

Do you have the Number 4 in your personal numerology chart, or do you have someone close to you who does?
Do you sense how the Divine Feminine wants to emerge through you?
Share with us YOUR experiences of ancestral healing and whether this work resonates with you!


Image source: J Danielle Photography

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