black and white woman with candlelight PinThe Sacred Feminine has always been here on planet Earth, but over many thousands of years, the voice of the Goddess has been silenced and suppressed (you can read more about this HERE).

The Way to Heal is Through the Sacred Feminine

We are living through exciting times. The Divine Feminine is currently rising, her power is returning in order to help us heal the brokenness of our planet, of Mother Earth. But this healing will only truly happen if we can each take responsibility for healing our own lives – of working through our trauma and the unconscious patterns that we hold. Every change must start within (and from this personal center, you will find that collective change occurs, either by a kind of osmosis, or by this inner work spurring you to action). Everywhere we have shown up, as a species, over the past 13 thousand years needs attention, and now is the time. We are the generation to do this work, and bring the New Earth paradigm into being. The Goddess is here to help…

The Goddess Speaks to Women and to Men!

It’s a common misconception when working with sacred feminine principles that you must be female, or identify as female to do it. But this is untrue! Both men and women contain Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects, so the responsibility of re-activating this sacred earth energy, and merging with it in order to heal our planet and ourselves, falls equally to both genders!

It’s all of our responsibilities to anchor this energy into the Earth. But how? What tools and techniques, rules and rituals, signs and symbols, methods and mindsets must we employ? What changes must we make in order to do this vital work, to embrace the Sacred Feminine, and break the shackles of the paradigm we are currently living in?

How to Activate the Divine Feminine through Numerology

Numerology is an excellent place to start on your journey of awakening the sacred feminine. The core numbers in your numerology chart reveal the character of the Goddess that already moves through you and your life, so these numbers are one of the best places to begin. You can read more about the reasons for this HERE.

To read about how the Goddess Speaks through the other Numbers in your numerology chart, follow the links below…

Other Numbers are coming soon…!

Here, we’ll discuss the Number 3, and how you can use the power and energy of this archetype to reawaken the energy of the Goddess within. You may have a lot of the archetype of the number 3 in your chart, you may have very little, or none at all. But this doesn’t mean it won’t call to you at different times throughout your life. So read on…

How does the Goddess Speak through the Number 3?

The Number 3 is playful, spontaneous and expressive. Many numerologists liken the character of this number to the archetype of the child. It is carefree and pleasure seeking and this makes its energy magnetic to be around. It often expresses a sweet naivety which is fueled by a curious and inquisitive approach to life.

The energy of the number 3 provides the natural environment for creativity to blossom. With the Number 3, anything can happen in life! It’s greatest ally and strength is the imagination: free thought and wild dreams and the time and space to follow them, which all sounds like an ideal life, doesn’t it!? But it’s not quite the reality for most of us…

The stifling of creativity (and the archetype of the 3) begins for most of us in school. Most often, mental pursuits are favored and rewarded over artistic ones, and less and less time is allowed for children to simply follow their creative impulses and exist in a world of their own make believe.

What does this have to do with the Goddess?

Quite simply, when creativity is suppressed, so is the sacred feminine. She flows through the world of our imagination: Through images, poetry, music, irrational connections and intuitive trust. (The word irrational has negative connotations in our language… none of those are meant here, irrational is not a bad thing). Her’s isn’t an energy which can be confined or defined, yet this is what we are taught to do to our thoughts and feelings from such a young age!

So for many people waking up to the presence of the Goddess, especially as she speaks through the number 3, theirs is a process of unlearning. Activating her energy means letting ourselves get messy and make mistakes, it means sharing and expressing ourselves when it doesn’t always make sense to, and following a golden thread of creativity – which is making something, where there wasn’t something before – so we can each become the artists of our own lives.

1. The Number 3, Divine Feminine and the Expressive Wisdom of the Body

The 3 is one of the most expressive numbers, so it follows that the body is its main tool! This means that working to activate the Divine Feminine through the number 3 means working through the expressive power of the body.

If you remember how mastering the Number 2 requires us to speak the body’s language, connecting to it as an instrument of truth, the 3 wants us to go a step further. The 3 needs us to understand that every move we make with our bodies…

  • Every time you make or avoid eye contact with the person you are talking to,
  • Every time you move your hands when you talk,
  • Every time you stand waiting in line at the post office with your shoulders hunched OR push out your solar plexus instead,
  • Every time you get down on the floor with a child to play a game (whether you’re a mother or not)
  • Every time you stand aloof in the corner at a party (in fear OR in confidence)

…Is an embodied expression of the divine feminine!

If you have the number 3 in your personal numerology chart, it’s your mission to learn how to express the Divine Feminine in this way. In a way that suits YOUR body.

  • When and where are you strong, excited, expressive already?
  • Where are you overly, unconsciously expressive?
  • Where do you mimic the moves of others, or become a caricature of yourself?

Awakening the power of the Goddess through this number is to become highly conscious of all of these things, and become a moving, physical beacon of enthusiasm, love, power and grace. This is your gift.

Awakening the Sacred Feminine through Exercise and Dance

To activate even more of this energy in yourself physically, honor your body by focusing time and energy on keeping it fit and healthy.

Spontaneous and ecstatic dance could be great places to explore. Dance is such a key as a way to move the energy of the 3 through your whole body, and bring you into a closer relationship with it. This is because Divine Feminine energy works through your physicality – her wisdom isn’t just held in your mind like most intellectual knowledge. It is held in each cell of your body. Dance will serve to awaken the memory that your body already holds.

Also, acting classes, amateur dramatics or other kinds of theater groups could serve to put you in touch with the creative essence of this number, giving it permission to flow through your body. Putting yourself in a position where you have an audience and must hold the attention of others with your magnetic presence could also seriously fast-track the awakening of the sacred feminine through you, as THIS is her nature!

2. The Number 3, Divine Feminine and Emotions

For the Number 3, emotions are fuel. If you have the energy of the 3 in your personal chart, it’s your mission to learn to use the feelings that move through you, to make art.

Many people who have this number in their core charts are entertainers, socialites and natural performers. People are attracted to them! This alluring nature is instrumental to the divine feminine, but it’s easy for this strength to stay working on the surface, which means it can actually end up creating a barrier to the emergence of the true self. Some children with a heavy presence of the 3 archetype become very good mimics, which is funny and engaging but actually doesn’t allow for their expression as a unique individual, and this is a pattern which can very easily repeat throughout the lives of Number 3s.

To avoid, or overcome this, there are two main phases to an emotional activation of the sacred feminine through the number 3.

1. The first phase is to tap into what your true feelings are.

What do you feel about a situation?
What is your opinion?
What is your perspective?
With work, this will become a natural process, and one which you can trust.

2. The second phase is to discover the best ways for you, personally, to express your inner voice.

Again, this requires work, but for the number 3 this looks a lot like play! Devoting time to trying out the many different channels of artistic expression is a journey that this number needs to go on. And along the way, the Goddess will emerge.

3. The Number 3, Divine Feminine and Spirit

Above all, the Number 3 contains a power which is playful and imaginative! The frequency it holds is intrinsic to the emergence of the Goddess, because without these avenues through which to express, she simply can’t be seen.

It is the right of every human to experience joy and pleasure, not as the goal of life, but as the path through it. When we all seek this out, and use the energy of the 3 as a daily practice, the divine feminine will have a place. Many people simply don’t make time for pleasure, enjoyment and fun. Instead, duty, responsibility and routine take center stage, and very quickly, the world as it appears in front of them, rather than the world of unlimited potentials, takes grip. The Number 3 encourages us to indulge our imaginations! To re-awaken the belief that anything is possible, and become visionaries for our communities!

One of the strengths of Divine Feminine energy is its power to dream a new world, outside of the confines of the structure of what already is. But it needs the creative power of the Number 3 to get there!

Do you have the Number 3 in your personal numerology chart?
Do you sense how the Divine Feminine wants to emerge through you?
Share with us below!

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