Are you planning on expanding your family? Congratulations!!

Now comes one of your first responsibilities as a parent; choosing the right name. Numerologists refer to the letters in the birthname when determining the DESTINY NUMBER. The destiny number is computed by using the letter conversion chart below to convert all the letters in the birth name to numbers and then adding them together. (see examples below). It is recommended parents consider the destiny number when naming their children.

 General Meaning of Numbers

 0 – God/Source/Oneness

1 – Leadership

2 – Cooperation/Peace

3 – Expression/Youth/Abundance

4 – work/orderliness

5 – freedom/change

6 – service/responsibility

7 – faith/wisdom

8 – money/power

9 – selflessness

11 – Master of Revelation/Teacher

22 – Master Builder/Globalist

33 – Master Healer/Universal Service

44- Master Liberator/Prophet/Truth

55 – Master of Divine Will

66 – Master of Universal Joy

77 – Master of Creative Thought

88 – Master of Divine Knowing

99 – Master of Universal Love

What is my goal in life? What will I be most successful in doing? What is the best direction to take?

These questions are answered by the letters in our birth name. The destiny number also reveals the parts of our lives that must be explored, mined, and developed. The first name reveals our most personal lessons; our middle name often contains hidden abilities we are not conscious of, and our last name carries the characteristics shared by our whole family. The Destiny Number has been called the prophecy in your name, the story of what your life is to be, what you were born to do, and the part you are to play on the stage of life. So, let’s get started. Convert the letters in the name your considering into numbers and refer to the information below to discover the right name for your baby.

The Number #1 and 5/5 Destiny Number

If the sum of the converted letter values in your name reduces to number one, this means that your mission is to be a leader, pioneer, innovator and an example to others. It will be almost mandatory that you be self-employed. You must develop the willpower needed to stand on your own feet and succeed by your own efforts. You will first have to recognize your own individual abilities. Then, assert your independence, then ultimately reach the highest levels of attainment. You will do well in any leadership position. Career prospects favor exploring, design, teaching, contracting, entertaining, promoting, producing motion pictures, television, or theater productions. The number 5/5 rules law and religion.

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The Number #2 and 11 Destiny Number

Your mission in life is to be a peacemaker. You are here to bring harmony and cooperation to the word. You have the task of using patience and your ability to see both sides of an issue. You should cultivate the arts to make use of your sense of timing and rhythm. You will desire close personal ties so marriage is highly recommended. Do not lose yourself by trying to please others. You will also have to overcome your fear of the unknown. Use your sensitivities to tune into your inner strengths, this will help you from being too sensitive to what other people say. You would find a home for your abilities as a gardener, musician, psychologist, or in computer work. Number eleven is the Master Teacher who must share insights and become an example for others. Fame is very possible.

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The Number #3 and 6/6 Destiny Number

If the letters in your name reveal a number three destiny, you were born to express yourself in words by writing, speaking or acting. You are here to bring joy to others and to show others what possibilities exist. You belong on the center stage. Explore the arts. To be successful, do not scatter your energies to spread yourself to thin. Spiritual studies are favored. Be aware that living for pleasure can led to problems in your relationships and your general well-being. You will be popular and admired. You will have luck with finances but should guard against extravagant spending. You will be youthful and appear younger than your age throughout your life. You are also flirtatious. Triangles in business and relationships are likely.  The number 6/6 is destined for a life of friends, wealth, and travel.

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The Number #4 and 22 Destiny Number

With a number four destiny number, your mission in life is to be hardworking and disciplined. Your life will revolve around work, building, finances, and practicality. You must learn to define your environment so you can get it in order. You have a great capacity for responsibility. You are very much of the earth. Your mission is to be a builder, a manager, an efficiency expert, a chef, banker, bookkeeper, or to do government or institutional work. Work on being more flexible. Find a way to express your emotions or your relationships and your health will suffer as a result. Have enough confidence in your abilities to ask that you be paid what you are worth. Number 22 is prone to have work-a-holic tendencies. You are also very capable of working with your hands. Import, export, or other international opportunities exist for number 2/2.

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The Number #5 Destiny Number

Your destiny is to promote enlightenment through new ideas. You can accomplish this through work in sales, sport, advertising, new concepts, TV, radio, acting or performing. With a #5 Destiny Number, you will have many jobs and personal relationships. You cannot withdraw so don’t lose out from a fear of change. Marriage may be too confining for you. If you feel boxed in, you may be prone to extramarital affairs. You will not adhere to a routine and you love to rock the boat.

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The Number #6 and 33 Destiny Number

Your destiny is to live a life of service to others. Develop your friendly, responsible qualities. Do not be interfering. Guard against jealousy. All service areas will appeal to you. Welfare work, the ministry, teaching, healing, singing, anything domestic—this is the destiny of the number #6. You will take great pride in your children. If you take on too much responsibility, you may wind up playing the martyr. Your fear of losing control is a barrier to spontaneity. Number #33 is the master healer. Ultra-responsible, the number #33 sacrifices and restores balance through universal service.

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The Number #7 and 8/8 Destiny Number

Your mission in life is to learn, understand and to pass on that understanding to others. You are destined to be the thinker, the studious intellectual who reveals hidden truths. Fields that attract the number #7-destiny person include the spiritual, metaphysical, philosophical and psychological. Sevens also enjoy working in nature or with animals. Avoid being sarcastic, elitist, or overly withdrawn. Being inflexible and not very adaptable can make the #7-destiny person very hard to live with. For this reason, many sevens live alone. People with a Destiny Number #7 need quiet time for prayer and meditation more than others. Not only this, the number #88 has superior intuition.

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The Number #8 and 4/4 Destiny Number

If you have a Destiny Number #8, you must expect to be placed in positions of responsibility and leadership. Your mission in life is to exercise power. This power must be based in the knowledge of spiritual principles or there are destructive tendencies. Number #8’s love what money can buy. They enjoy the accouterments of wealth to the point of being somewhat ostentatious. Eights succeed in sports, banking, government, and business administration. They tend to be more involved with career issues than domestic ones. Female eights often adopt children and will want a career outside of the home. A housekeeper would be needed to prevent burnout. The advice of a #44 can be very liberating. The number #44 is the self-made millionaire and/or becomes a household name.

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The Number #9 and 9/9 Destiny Number

The number nine destiny is a high calling. You are here to work for world unity through your tolerance, compassion, and humanitarian ideals. This energy can be positively expressed by teaching, healing, and the arts. All fields of a cultural nature suit the number nine. Expect to do much group work and to work with people of all nationalities. You will have opportunities to meet famous people.

The true destiny of #9 is to be the hand of GOD on earth. In relationships, #9’s are tolerant, expressive, and loving, but they are also so generous and responsive to others as to cause irritation. Learn to give for the sake of giving.

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What numerological combination are you drawn to? Let us know in the comments below!

About Dr Craig Wright

Dr. Craig Wright is a native of Baltimore, Maryland where he studied religion and philosophy in his youth as a member of the Baltimore Ethical Society. He holds degrees in Psychology and Metaphysics. He is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner. Dr. Wright's Services are available at

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