December’s powerful 7 Universal Month of solitude and introspection is giving us the perfect (and most needed) space to retreat from the chaos of the world, go within, and give ourselves some much-deserved rest and relaxation.

After the year 2020 has given us, we’re ending the year on a quiet note of reflection and growth

No matter how much you want to get ahead this month… December brings us the frequency of retreat. The number 7 is introspective, it demands solitude and time for contemplation in order to really maximize its full potential. So to make the most of this month, you’re gonna have to carve out a little me-time (trust me – you need it, I need it, we ALL need it).

Forget the normal chaos and stress that Christmas and the holiday season usually brings… things will be looking a lot different for most of us this year. And this more relaxed, and slow-paced energy, seems to be exactly what the doctor ordered – helping us to recover from the massive year of WTFs that we just experienced.

The number 7 is revered as a truth-seeker, or as an old wise sage who’s on a divine quest for inner knowledge and spiritual enlightenment… the energy of this 7 Universal Month will bring with it deep thoughts, philosophical questions, and inner reflection. So if you’re in a place of the world that has just recently gone back into lockdown, this might actually be beneficial energy for you this month.

The number 7 forces you to take your foot off the gas pedal, re-orient your focus, and re-evaluate those big questions in your life. Allow the vibrations of this 7 Universal Month to draw you inwards and reflect on your life’s purpose, meaning, and the higher wisdom that your personal experience holds…

And don’t forget to use all this extra alone time to carve out some space for yourself, prioritize R&R, and really cultivate your self-care routine.

Here are the key numbers and dates you need to look out for this month…

On December 12, Numerology Power Day – An unusual but highly charged numerology power day hits on the 12th of December, calling for the balance of sacred masculine and feminine energies within. Use this day to integrate both aspects as a way to empower and strengthen.

December 14, New Moon &. Solar Eclipse – We’re halfway through the month before the first major astrological alignment hits (and it’s a pretty hot one, at that!) The second eclipse of the season falls in Sagittarius, bringing us to the start of a new lunar cycle. But no ordinary new beginning – this is a huge opportunity to commit to something life-changing. The effects of this eclipse will ripple through the next six months, so choose your intentions wisely, and with heart.

December 15, Chiron Stations Direct – Just a day later, the small but mighty asteroid Chiron stations direct. Over the last 4 months, he’s been busy showing us how our greatest pain has the potential to become our greatest gift to the world. Not easy work. And now, any heavy, triggering shadow work thrust upon you since mid-July will begin to lift.

December 17, Saturn Enters Aquarius – Saturn has dipped his toe into Aquarius once already this year, whilst on his annual retrograde sojourn. But now flying in with full speed, the cosmic ringmaster will be here to stay, this time for three long years. Here in the future-forward sign of revolution, expect new technological breakthroughs, and the rallying of communities to smash the patriarchal paradigm that’s been buckling already under Capricornian pressure.

December 19, Jupiter Enter Aquarius – Hot on Saturn’s heels, another big player shifts into the water-bearer’s sign just a couple of days later. Jupiter will remain here for a year, expanding our minds, amplifying our humanitarian instincts, and generally breaking down barriers to progress.

December 20, Mercury Enters Capricorn – As the planet of communication enters into the ambitious and supremely focused sign of Capricorn, you can expect your goals and career to take center stage. Mercury in Capricorn also tends to switch on our “rational” mind, making us quite level-headed, thinking and speaking in logical, rational, linear ways. Have a tough decision to make? This transit will help you set all the possibilities out on the table, so you can figure out how to get the best long-term results from your current situation.

December 21st marks the beginning of Capricorn Season, the Winter Solstice, and Jupiter Conjunct Saturn

Arriving with a bang… the Winter Solstice is a powerful portal of spiritual connection. In the northern hemisphere, it’s the shortest day of the year and is also commonly referred to as Yule (Harry Potter Yule Ball, anyone?.. anyone?) And in the southern hemisphere, this day corresponds with the Summer Solstice, which is the longest day of the year for our friends in the south. But regardless of where in the world you are, the veils are thin today. Celebrate the light, or celebrate the dark… both rule, and in truth, we cannot have one without also having the other.

Since ancient times, Yule has been known as a day for sowing seeds and setting intentions for the coming year. Days like this are known as “power days” – pivot points on the axis of the seasonal wheel. And there is a LOT of cosmic energy ready and available to be directed at will… which makes this day one of the best times of the year to hold a ritual, work a little magic, or connect to the divine.

Capricorn season also begins on the solstice – ushering in 30 days of long-term vision and a belt-and-braces work ethic. This coincides with the last (and possibly most notable) major planetary aspect of the entire year… Known as “The Great Conjunction”, it happens only once every 19 years. Saturn and Jupiter come together at the second degree of Aquarius, bringing a big, bold, ambitious boost of cosmic energy. This conjunction marks the end of a phase, and an extremely potent opportunity to rise up into a higher and more advanced level of existence.

And after the year we had in 2020… I think we’re all going to be welcoming The Great Conjunction with open arms, big smiles, and one loud, unison “WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!”


How will you embrace the R&R energy of this 7 Universal Month? Comment below and let us know!