This is the LAST MONTH of this 1 Universal Year – a year of new beginnings and fresh starts… and it is such a big deal!

Decoded in December is a clue of what energy we need to embrace to hit the ground running in 2018.

December has the energy of the 4 Universal Month.

The last time we had a 4 Universal Month was in March. The 4 is about building a solid foundation for your future with pragmatism, hard work and focus.

Which sounds a bit boring… but the ancients have revered the 4 because they knew it was the representation of the 4 directions and the 4 elements of matter. It allows you to play with the clay of the physical world. With the 4 you can get a lot done!

But there is something different about December that sets it apart from March or… any other number 4 cycle…

December is a 13/4 Universal Month.

What makes the 13 different? Why would the intelligence of nature put a 13 right before the new year?

Well… in short…The 13 is all about persevering and not giving up.

The Universe doesn’t want you to give up on your new beginning, even when you face a challenge. It wants you to keep on building, keep on going, maintain your focus and keep on putting your effort in to this new life! If you do, when you have the 13 on your side, you will create a solid foundation for your future!

Solid foundation meaning… yes, you get a lot done… but you get stuff done that really matters and will have a lasting impact on your life; it is a type of productivity where what you get done supports your dreams and sticks with you for the long haul.

Now all of that is good news enough…getting things done, creating a solid foundation for your future…

But there is something else with the 13…

Some people say that the 13 is a sign of difficulties to come, but that’s not truly accurate – they were just missing the end game!

The 13 is actually the destroyer of difficulties!

Yes… The 13 smokes out obstacles in your life but it does this so that you can use them (what you thought was holding you back) – for catapulting you forward! It asks you to not give up when you see on obstacles but instead to take on the challenge.

Obstacles ignored keep you stuck and small; they require nothing from. Obstacles embraced? They transform YOU into a stronger version of yourself, who can take on what you really want to take on in this new life of yours. Don’t give up! You are just an inch away from the breakthrough that you need!

So, in essence, this month was placed here to help embrace what you thought was holding you back, and give you the persevering spirit you need to embrace your strength.

What You Will Notice This December 2017:

  • An increased desire to take action in the physical world… like Feng Shuing your life: moving around and altering things with your diet, your exercise regimen, or changing things your practical work schedule.
  • You are going to feel stronger and more resilient… you’re going to get up faster if you fall down…
  • And.. most of all… you are going to find that old, crusty blocks from the past that decimated you don’t have the same charge on you as they did before. They will look way more welcoming.

If you get up and immediately get back to embracing the challenge… the results will be amazing this month! Comment below and share your biggest blocks and what you hope to accomplish before 2018 rolls around…