This month is a 11 Universal Month; a portal or gateway to new beginnings. The 11 is famous because it summons forth a powerful hero within us: the Psychic Pathfinder! This is the part of us that is courageous enough to venture out of our comfort zone and find a new world; to access miraculous fresh manifestations. The 11 is also double dose of divine, seeded, personal desires and the 2 it adds down to is the realization or union with it. This is magical!It means you get to actually meet up with, see, hold and embrace those things that you have been desiring for so long.


The ancient mariners and seafarers knew that there were specific times to take the leap; when nature would bolster and support their ships and carry them to their dreamed destination. They called them trade winds. Those blowing heads on yellowed antiqued maps were not just for decoration. They were symbols; catalyzers of natural support and rapid success.

For the next 31 days you have the opportunity to ride the trade winds of this universal, divine force, just like them! You can bolster and rapidly meet up with your desires, faster than you imagined possible.

A Maori New Zealand origin story speaks to this new land that is waiting for you: 

“In the old days, the land felt a great emptiness. It was waiting…waiting to be filled up…waiting for someone to love it…waiting for a leader.” ~ The Whale Rider

In the next 31 days this new land or new life will call to you in gushes of desire and yearning. It will lift your sails. The 11 will give you big rushes of drive, ambition, curiosity and life force. Allow it to move through and carry you. A current of heightened intuition and gut instinct, gentle but powerful spiritual cravings, will be your compass. Follow it. Now is the time to take advantage of this cycle before it passes.

I’m curious. What new land or dream is waiting for you to love it? Share down below. 


About Natalie Olson

Natalie Olson (Newly married! Previously known as Natalie Anastasio Pescetti) is your Numerologist and philosopher-friend with a passion for decoding the mystery of life. She is here to help you tap into your own personal magic (hidden in your birth name and birth date) so you can access yummy love, radiant health, abundant success and sparkly happiness. Nat has been lucky enough to be the secret weapon for Wall Street financiers, CEO’s, actors, soldiers, best-selling authors… and soon.. maybe you? To learn more about her work, or have a one-on-one session, visit .

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