full moon powerPinOn Saturday December 6 a fun, irresistible, adventurous Full Moon will grace the heavens – and your life.

What’s Happening In The Skies?

Stationed at 14 degrees in Gemini (Moon) and Sagittarius (Sun), this Full Moon is sure to bring surprises and a yearning for freedom. The adventurous theme is magnified by the planet Uranus, forming a close harmonious aspect to both the Sun and Moon during this lunation.

Uranus loves breakthroughs and pushes us beyond our limits. This is a planet of revolution and laser insights.

What’s more, Uranus is forming a close ‘square’ with Pluto, with both planets currently at 12 degrees. Squares in Astrology cause a tension that spurs us to ACT.

What Do The Numbers Say?

The two astrology degree numbers 14 and 12 add up to 5 and 3, respectively. (14=1+4= 5 and 12=1+2= 3)

The result?

5 and 3 both “sit” on a rocker. They are OPEN to change. The lower half of number 5 opens up to the left (the past) and the upper half to the right (the future). 3 is completely open to the left – facing the past.

5 and 3 are the numbers of Fun, Freedom, Social Connection, Communication, Adventure and Creativity. This Full Moon code manifests as unexpected shifts, flexibility, and a wonderful opening for your imagination to create absolutely anything!

• 5 is your inner explorer. There is no ending an exploration – it is always ongoing, a continuum.
3 invites you to express your gifts with fearless abandon and freedom.

You are constantly evolving, and this Full Moon Code reminds you that, to live and to love is a constant Adventure.

Furthermore, December 6, 2014 adds up to a 16/7 Universal Date (12.6.2014 = 1+2+6+2+0+1+4 = 16 and 1+6 = 7). The number 16 prompts you to accept unexpected change. So be willing to shift during this Full Moon, otherwise change will forcibly be made for you.

Trust Your Intuition And Start Fresh

new beginnings astronumerologyPinIt is absolutely critical for you not to ignore your hunches right now. Epiphanies can happen under the influence of this Full Moon Code. These numbers enhance transcendental states of consciousness and can result in powerful “visions”.

The actual day of the Full Moon, December 6, adds a strong element of Love, Responsibility and Abundance.

The truth is, the complete code for this powerful Gemini Full Moon unveils a major opportunity for you to use all the intense growth you’ve experienced over the past year and channel it into a brand new adventure. December is a 10/1 Universal Month of New Beginnings, so starting fresh with a clean slate, and letting bygones be bygones, is a key ingredient to manifesting abundance, success and happiness right now.

At the moment the Full Moon is exact, Mercury lies opposite the Moon. This can manifest as a conflict between your rational mind and your intuition. The PLUS side is that you will feel compelled to ACT since your drive to implement your creative IDEAS is heightened to a magnificent crescendo.

Remember that Uranus and Pluto are coming together again over the next week, and this adds a strong element of Purification and Empowerment through Change.

How This Full Moon Will Affect You

full moon expansionPinAs we move towards the Solstice over the next two weeks, accept the wonderful blessings, opportunities and new beginnings that carry you there.

• This Full Moon will ACTIVATE, and STIMULATE you.
• You will feel LIBERATED from past conditions that seemingly held you hostage.
• You will feel these shifts as spectacular new visions or events that will spur you into a new way of life.
• You may enter other realms of consciousness, new dimensions – the opportunities for exploration are limitless with this Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon.
• And since this is the final Full Moon while Saturn is in Scorpio, you are completing your LESSONS so you can step up and give and receive ALL of yourself.

This Full Moon is FUTURE driven.

Open your heart to truth, to courage, to spontaneity, creativity and brilliant visions.

The next two weeks ask you to be OPEN, willing to change, optimistic, to see HUMOR in everything, to be flexible, determined and to ACT on your gut instincts.

You are a cosmic being on a grand adventure.

Go on searching the infinite mysteries of life. Find NEW ways to love, to express, to be.

Abundant Blessings,