Month Influences

6 – Venus (Pink / Pink)

Venus relates to love, harmony and joy in relationships.  She brings love into your life when you learn that love from the outside comes when you reach a place of deep self-acceptance.  Pink is the color of unconditional love, and its message is that the more you are able to love yourself, the more abundant your life will be.  A feeling of ‘not enough’ inside will always lead to a reality reflection of ‘not enough’ outside.  This color relates to all things feminine, including mothering.  Now is the time to treat yourself to some of your own nurturing energy.

11 – Duality (Deep Magenta / Clear)

The number 11 is a master number, and the hidden message in this bottle is that it is the last look at issues of separation (think of the twin towers on 11th September).  It indicates a difficult life path as you struggle to bring together the light and the dark.  Look deeper.  The dark is deep magenta, the color related to Divine love and healing.  Hidden in these colors are the answers to all issues of separation.  This is where you finally let go of your judgment of God who got you into the mess in the first place.  This bottle helps you see that there has only ever been perfection in the imperfections of your life.  Be willing to claim this level of mastery and fully accept the gift of Divine love that is available for you now and always.

Day Influences

23 – Initiation (Royal Blue / Royal Blue)

This bottle indicates an initiation successfully completed.  What was so difficult in this last cycle of events has now passed on and you can be at peace?  Royal Blue relates to the third eye, and this color says that your insight can be trusted and it is safe to say what you see.   It might be that you find it easier to write than to speak, but it is necessary that your wisdom is shared.  It is time to step out of the darkness and back into the light, where all that you have learned can be used to teach others.

24 – Love, Money and Creativity (Pale Magenta / Pale Olive)

This is a time when it seems appropriate to look at the tapestry of your life and recognize that all the stitches were perfect – the light ones and the dark ones.  The design you have woven is so cosmically, profoundly perfect that it leaves you breathless.  You have to acknowledge that your conscious mind could not have worked out such a perfect design.  You have always been taken to the perfect place at the perfect time to get to exactly this point in time, with all the gifts and understanding you have now.  Well done.  You are the master weaver, and your work is a work of art.

Begin to acknowledge that the main part of the design is love and that where love shows in the design is where there is a glow that attracts others.  Look at how the threads of love were woven through the design and what an important part of the picture that is.  Now is the time to own the blessings of love, money and creativity in your life and the gifts of the past that brought you here.  This is your heritage from past lifetimes.  You have earned it all.

25 – Trust (Turquoise / Yellow)

This is the time to move beyond judgment.  Begin to see how the flow and your faith have always taken you to exactly where you are meant to be.  Use your intuition, trust your inner knowing and begin to be at peace with life.  You have been given the ability to analyze so that you might understand the differences between things without labeling them as good or bad, and the gift of discernment to enable you to see clearly and make decisions from a basis of strength rather than fear.  At the deepest level, use these gifts and follow your bliss, which is the easiest way to be in the flow.  This has all the potential for new planet living.

26 – Partnerships (Magenta / Olive)

The number 26 reduces to 8 and relates to Saturn.  This is not an easy vibration, and the main lesson is to stand on your own two feet.  There is no room for co-dependency:  you are God in a body and cannot be in a space where someone else does it for you.  It is time to stand up and be counted so that you no longer have to face challenging personal, business or financial situations.  Let go of anger and resentment; this is a time for love and radical forgiveness.  The magenta in this bottle relates to Divine love and the olive to feminine leadership.  These colours relate to Father God and Mother Earth, and as you make peace with them both, balance follows in all your dealings.  As you find the balance of masculine and feminine within you, it becomes possible to attract a partner who reflects that balance.

27 – Harvest (Orange / Gold)

This bottle symbolizes power and wholeness.  It blesses you with courage and promises huge rewards gained through several lifetimes.  Having sown in the most positive sense, you can now bring in the harvest.  You and your higher self are becoming one and co-creating a magical reality.  The number 27 reduces to 9 and relates to Mars.  Use your power and energy wisely.  Orange is the color of bliss and enlightenment, and gold is wisdom and authentic power.  This is your time.

28 – New Beginnings (Yellow / Pale Turquoise)

More than any other, this bottle is about a new beginning.  These colors indicate that the door is finally opening in a very real and accessible way to a new era of happiness and sunshine.  This bottle relates to the goddess Lakshmi who brings good fortune in her wake and whose message is to love your life right.  You cannot fight or panic it into being better, you can only love it into joy.  These colors bring trust, laughter and a sense of fun, and as there is nothing that will bring about a new beginning faster than joy, this bottle will help you create the reality that serves you best. Stop worrying – everything is going to be fine.

29 – Grace Under Pressure (Deep Turquoise / Deep Magenta)

This vibration carries the heaviest lessons of all.  This is the path of the master.  You will only do life in this way if you have chosen a path of accelerated healing and learning.  This is the choice of the Olympic spiritual athlete.  The way has been immeasurably difficult, but the outcome will be as magnificent as the journey was hard.  Only those who are serious about their spiritual service and their journey towards the light will choose this path.  You are back to help humanity so that it does not make the same mistakes again.  Clear the past, which is based on self-judgment, and release yourself.  It is time to turn the corner, stop the suffering and reap the rewards of this incredible journey.  Your higher self and your angels know who you are, and you are deeply loved and supported.  Honor yourself for your choices.  This has been a difficult path, as you have had to lose everything to gain everything and more.  Step into grace.  All the debts are paid and you are free.