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An intensely passionate Full Moon in Capricorn on July 9 (July 8 in parts of the Americas) infuses your life with courage, power, and the urge to rebirth.

The Moon is in a tight conjunction (joined with) with PLUTO and that triggers a deep emotional purging – a transformation resulting in a culmination of a long journey. Something has to end in order to rebirth in a fresh, new way. You are experiencing a powerful soul renewal.

At the same time the Sun is conjunct Mars, so your initiative and urge to manifest are intensified.

Triple 17:17:17 Portal

There is a powerful numerology code activated with this full moon. A triple 17:17:17 portal opens to generate a surge of infinite abundance and empowerment.

  • July = 17 Universal Month
  • The Sun and Moon will be at 17°
  • We are in 2017

Add the fact that the Universal Date for July 9, 2017 adds up to 26, which also reduces to the infinity number 8, just like 17 does.

Plus, the sign of Capricorn rules the 10th house in astrology, which stands for your career, your divine mission, leadership, authority and your standing in the world – all similar qualities to the number 17/8.

Lots of CARDINAL energy surrounds this Full Moon. Cardinal signs pulsate with life. They initiate the onset of all four seasons!

So, an energy of birth, new enterprises and creativity surrounds this full moon.

Use this passionate emotional surge to CHANGE your life. Be steadfast & ambitious, goal oriented – manifest your dreams by GOING for it.

Time To Take Control

With this emphasis on Capricorn, Pluto and the 17:17:17 code you are invited to take control of your financial flow & manifest financial freedom. Step up as a LEADER. Claim your birth promise.

Be sure to watch this powerful Full Moon forecast for all the exciting details!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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