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A passionate New Moon at 2° Cancer awakens love, heightens intuition and enhances abundance opportunities. It is exact on June 24 at 3:31 am UT in London, and on June 23 10:31 am in New York and 7:31 pm PDT Los Angeles.

Cancer is the nurturer, ruled by the Moon itself, so you’ll be FEELING a lot more around this time.

  • The New Moon at symbolizes two people in a loving relationship.
  • June 24 reduces to 6, the number of abundance and love.

Love is in the Air!

Sun and Moon are merged as one with both Mercury and Mars, and that activates your instinctual response to life and the ability to communicate from the HEART.

Cancer, the Crab, will defend itself by hiding under its shell – but inside she is soft, vulnerable and so LOVING. With Mars right next to the Sun and Moon your gut instincts are heightened. Mars will want to protect, and defend home, family, loved ones, so that you feel emotionally secure.

Mars plays a major role during this New Moon…

A very passionate, dynamic T-square with Mars square Jupiter and opposite Pluto inspires you to take CHANCES on relationships and be more CONFIDENT in general.

Definitely ACT on opportunities when they appear!

Mars is also trine Neptune inviting a receptive, pro-active, sublime and subtle creative energy.

How beautiful!

Mars opposite Pluto ramps up the intensity, especially regarding power issues.

You get an enormous injection of energy with this opposition. Mars is the original ruler of Scorpio and Pluto the modern ruler of Scorpio – so both are aligned with deep emotional transformation. Be careful not to over-react or make mountains out of molehills!

Finally, Venus is TRINE Pluto at this New Moon, exuding sexuality and deepening emotional connections with loved ones – certainly guaranteeing a passionate weekend!

Venus trine Pluto is an invitation to invoke abundance and manifest a beautiful financial flow of resources.

Love is the essence of Cancer – a water sign. Like water, Love can be so gentle and yet so powerful.

Open your tender heart and let the powerful surge of Love in.

EXPECT Love to be your guide and your life will be filled with joy and opportunities.

Have a beautiful Cancer New Moon!

Much Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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