calculating essence numbersEssence numbers are complex calculations (so bear with us!) that are used to describe important transits in an individual’s life. In this case the cycle is based on the individual’s name rather than the birth date (as was the case with the Pinnacle Number that was discussed in previous newsletters.)

Essence numbers describe dominant demanding influences or what seems to permeate the general atmosphere throughout a number of years. The interpretations define what is most in need of attention or focus during that numbered year.

This method of calculating transits begins at birth with the first letter of your birth name, the first letter of your middle name and the first letter of your last name. These values are totaled and define the Essence of your year from birth to age 1. We then go on to calculate the Essence of each year of the life.

The best way to learn this method is to jump right into it so here is the worksheet you will be using. Keep in mind this work sheet can extend for as many years as you want it to or just a period of years…. It depends on what period of a person’s life you want to examine.

Note that in the chart below F M L (First Middle Last) is where you will be entering the values for the First, Middle and Last Names.

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YearAgeLetterLetterEssence of Transit
YYYYFrom-toTransit (FML)Value (FML)Total=Single Digit

____    ___    _  _  _     _  _  _      ____ = ___
____    ___    _  _  _     _  _  _      ____ = ___
____    ___    _  _  _     _  _  _      ____ = ___
____    ___    _  _  _     _  _  _      ____ = ___
____    ___    _  _  _     _  _  _      ____ = ___
____    ___    _  _  _     _  _  _      ____ = ___

Notice that in the above example that you could extend for as many years in the past or the future as you want (just not before birth.) Usually a professional would expand this chart to span 70 or 80 years or he or she would isolate just a few years that a client specifically wanted a reading about. You could a span of 70 years if you like but for the purpose of this example we have only done four to show you what the Essences chart that you will be doing your calculations in should look like.

First fill in the following:

Year:  Start with the year of birth and calculate the timing as if the year begins on the birthday (not January 1).
Age: Start with the age at from birth and then fill it in as you go down. Begin with 0-1, then 1-2, and so on.
Letter Transits: Insert the letters of the first name under the letter F, middle name under M, and last name under L. Repeat the letters of name as explained here.
Letter Values: Insert the numeric value of the numbers in the letter transit.
Essence of Transit: To come up with the total add the numeric value of the numbers in the letter transit together and then reduce them to a single digit.

You’ll need to recall those letter values, so here is chart for easy reference:











You must place the letters of your name on this worksheet. Begin with the first letter of your first name. Each letter in this name will last a number of years (from 1 to 9) depending on its numerology number designation.

Example: Sue Ann Dunn

In the interest of keeping this lesson short and sweet let’s use a very simple name for this example: Sue Ann Dunn and lets say she was born in 1960 and we want to do a chart for her from birth to age 20.

Thus, if the first name is Sue we would note that the first letter S it is valued at 1 year. This would be placed under the F (for First Name) column for one year.

Next we notice that the value of U is 3. U would be filled in under the F column for the next 3 years. This would be followed by the value for E, which is five years. When the end of the name is reached you then start repeating the cycle at S.

You would then repeat the same process for the Middle (Ann) and Last name (Dunn), finding the number values and using their value to find the length of the transit and also their numerological value.

In the end the chart would look like this

YearAgeLetterLetterEssence of Transit
YYYYFrom-toTransit (FML)Value (FML)Total=Single Digit

1960     0-1    S  A  D     1  1  4       6 = 6

1961     1-2    U  N  D     3  5  4      12 = 3

1962     2-3    U  N  D     3  5  4      12 = 3

1963     3-4    U  N  D     3  5  4      12 = 3

1964     4-5    E  N  U     5  5  3      13 = 4

1965     5-6    E  N  U     5  5  3      13 = 4

1966     6-7    E  N  U     5  5  3      13 = 4

1967     7-8    E  N  N     5  5  5      15 = 6

1968     8-9    E  N  N     5  5  5      15 = 6

1969     9-10   S  N  N     1  5  5      11 = 11 and 2 *

1970    10-11   U  N  N     3  5  5      13 = 4

1971    11-12   U  A  N     3  1  5       9 = 9

1972    12-13   U  N  N     3  5  5      13 = 5

1973    13-14   E  N  N     5  5  5      15 = 6

1974    14-15   E  N  N     5  5  5      15 = 6

1975    15-16   E  N  N     5  5  5      15 = 6

1976    16-17   E  N  N     5  5  5      15 = 6

1977    17-18   E  N  D     5  5  4      14 = 5

1978    18-19   S  N  D     1  5  4      10 = 1

1979    19-20   U  N  D     3  5  4      12 = 3

1980    20-21   U  N  D     3  5  4      12 = 3

* Notice that values that add up 11 and 22 will have two interpretations – ones for the master numbers and ones for 2 and 4.

Your next step would be to evaluate the chart by examining the interpretations for each number and then looking at the total values and seeing how long these influences last in a person’s chart.

Jump to a section and demystify the essence numbers in your life!


The essence number is based on the numbers of the name. The vibrations of the number can predict what will happen in your future.

These indicators are important in numerology since it will help foretell future events in your lifetime. The numerological information of your essence numbers will describe situations that you will encounter. An interpretation of the numerology of these numbers will reveal positive and negative aspects.

The name is used to arrive at the essence number and describe the dominant forces that will be the theme throughout several years. The interpretations will reveal the most striking points that need attention or focus during the year where that number rules.

Calculating transits begins at birth with the first letter of the birth name, middle name, and last name. The combined values are summed up, and define the essence of the year beginning at age 1. The rest of the years can be calculated with each year of life.

Know more about interpreting your Essence number here!

Discover the Unique Meaning of Your Essence Number

Interpreting the essence number can be complicated. It entails not just interpreting what each year might bring for a person but also foretells the transit’s lengths.

The Meaning of your Essence Numbers

Essence Number 1

Start things or start over! Essence Number 1 is a great time for initiations, birth, and rebirth.

What to expect

During the essence number 1, your leadership skills are important. You may have to make important decisions that is connected to important events happening in your life. Promotions and other successes are all possible. This time may be a time of changes and moving from your home and traveling may just be on the horizon

Essence Number 2

Wait for answers and fulfillment of past actions. Consolidation and organization are on the horizon with an Essence number 2.

What to expect

You must harness your ability for cooperation. Be patient with situations and with people.  Remember that there really is no need to rush.  Be open to help others give you.  Always look at the bright side and have a positive outlook in life.  Be mindful of the details and wrap up the things that you need to accomplish.

Essence Number 3

Rejoice! An Essence of the number 3 denotes a joyous and gratifying period in life.

What to expect

Expect a lot of social activities to happen when essence number 3  is on the horizon.  You may be called on to study history and culture.  You will be driven to work more because you enjoy interacting with colleagues and engaging with people with similar skills and talents.  Your renewed passion for work may give you monetary rewards.

However, you should avoid reckless spending and remember to make wise investments.  Fulfill your obligations conscientiously, and this will earn you rewards in your work.

It is crucial for you to think long term instead of immediate needs.  Beware of hasty marriages or quick rich schemes.

Essence Number 4

Stay focused and get serious because Essence number 4 is a time of organization and discipline.

What to expect

This is a time where you should get organized and be conscientious in all aspects of your life.  It is a time of revelations where you arrive at full knowledge at some facts that may have puzzled you in the past.  Things may move on slowly at essence number 4, but if you stay responsible and keep to the grind, the fruits of your labor will follow.  This is a restricting and limiting time that calls on you to do your work diligently.  Be prepared because people who are close to you, whether they be relatives or friends, may ask you for help and make demands of your pocketbook.  When number 4 is on the horizon, make sure to schedule health check-ups and self-care.

Never feel too sensitive or melancholy during this time, and always keep your chin up.

Essence Number 5

Have a breath of fresh air and be master of the seas since Essence number 5 indicates more independence and freedom.

What to expect

Be prepared because this is going to be a busy phase in your life.  You may feel that you are being pushed in all directions.  As a result, you may leave things unfinished, and you may have bouts of procrastination.  Responsibilities may disinterest you, and you end up dropping them in the end.

You have a constant need to move about and travel and make short trips.   Make sure you file your taxes correctly and pay them.  Failing to do your obligations can lead you to trouble.

Essence Number 6

Stoke the home fires since Essence number 6 indicates home, and the family will be the main focus.

What to expect

This time is for family and home life.  It is also a time where you should spend some attention to your pets.  When number 6 is on the horizon, it is good for some home interior decoration and improvements.  You want to be surrounded by beautiful things and have some comfort and quiet.  You can expect that your business and financial state will improve during this time.

You may get some financial gains from the opposite sex.  Although there is a lot of positivity in horizon, some tragedies may also happen in the form of unexpected medical costs.   You should also beware of close relationships that do harm to your emotional health.  If you have done good service to others, you will be rewarded with recognition and standing in the community.

Essence Number 7

Take time to have peace and quiet and get in touch with your inner voice. Essence Number 7 denotes a time of introversion or self-imposed isolation.

What to expect

This is a good time to delve into subjects beyond the material realm.  Explore mysticism and spiritual practices.  You may encounter synchronicity and serendipity, which will encourage you to modify your beliefs about life.  Use your intellectual abilities and your talents.

Utilizing your abilities can open up new experiences for you.  Now is a time where you should be very careful and reevaluate your relationship with a significant other.  Consider your long-term happiness before walking down the aisle.  If you are already married or in a partnership, there may be some struggle or conflict.  Learn to balance your emotions and control your thoughts to ensure your happiness during an essence, number 7.

Essence Number 8

Increase your self-worth and your net-worth. Essence Number 8 is a lucky time in which it is very easy for you to get ahead financially

What to expect

This is a time where you may be granted power and authority.  You may be called on to fill leadership positions or use your executive skills in straightening out financial affairs.  You may be involved with property.  Selling buying exchanging or renting real estate may happen at this time.  Money can come during this period.  Be sure to balance your checkbook because although you may be earning a lot, you may be spending as much. At this time, it is crucial to remember that more can be achieved when you work with groups rather than doing everything all by yourself.

Essence Number 9

Strive for balance and spiritual cleansing since things are going to be dramatic. Essence number 9 can designate a period in your life when your emotions very much rule you.

What to expect

Many blessings can come to you during this time as long as you remain open-minded, trusting, and compassionate.  There will be a lot of drama on the horizon, and deep feelings may arise.  However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, romantic affairs and love relationships may blossom in this period.  Losses may also happen at this time; however, these tragedies will open up a new and fresh beginning and even better opportunities.  It is crucial to remember that everything happens following a higher power.  There is also some material gain at this time, and there will be an improvement in business and government dealings.  It is essential to practice honesty at all times, to avoid lawsuits and litigation.

In Conclusion…

Everything flows in the universe, and so do the number vibrations.  Changes make everything interesting.  Each essence number will have its theme, and doing your role with each changing season and phases can bring you a lot of fulfillment and blessings.  Follow your heart and always be in rhythm with the universe.


What is your essence number? Let us know in the comments below!

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