One of the littlest known (but oh-so powerful) numbers in your numerology chart is the Maturity Number.

The Maturity Number indicates your ultimate destiny and point of evolution.

The Life Path Number describes your journey through life, and your Expression / Destiny Number your gifts and talents. Your Soul Urge / Hearts Desire Number speaks to your inner, core urges. Yet the Maturity Number can reveal the most fundamental direction you’re heading toward, as you gain age, wisdom, experience, and yes, maturity.

Unlike other calculations in numerology that can be quite specific about timing (such as Personal Years and the Life Path Cycles) the Maturity number is said to be felt as you enter into your 40s. It becomes a stronger and more directive influence as you get older.

PinHow to Calculate Your Maturity Number

The Maturity Number is calculated by adding the Life Path number with the Destiny or Expression number.

Here’s an example:

  • Imagine someone with a Life Path 11 and a Destiny Number 5
  • 11 + 5 = 16
  • Keep reducing until you reach a 1-digit number.
  • 16 = 1 + 6 = 7

In this example, you would have a 7 Maturity number.

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Maturity Number Readings


This numerology shows you are evolving to become more independent and stand up for yourself. This may involve you becoming a leader, taking the initiative, or putting yourself out there to achieve your biggest goals and dreams. Age will likely bring you greater confidence and expertise in the field you commit yourself to.

You will find yourself continuing the same responsibilities you had in your younger years, and that is being a leader. You have great qualities such as cleverness, originality, determination, and directness. However, tamping down a bit of your rigidity and strong opinions will help you achieve greater happiness in these later years.


This numerology shows that as you hit your 40s and 50s, you’ll move towards re-evaluating how your emotional sensitivity can benefit both you and those around you. You’ll likely feel an urge towards involving yourself in group dynamics and opening yourself up to new relationships ad finding greater balance in existing ones.

As a number 2, you have always been diplomatic and tactful. You have a talent for making people cooperate and helping diverse groups work smoothly together for successful outcomes. You have great talent in the arts, and your advanced years can give you more leisure time to explore hidden talents you may not have developed during your busy younger years.


A maturity number of 3 means in your latter years moving towards creative self-expression and joyful experiences. You’re being called to explore your creativity, the arts, and socializing with others.

You will break out of any past repression and give yourself permission to enjoy life!

As in the case with your younger years, you can have a rich and full life since you fill it with wonderful activities such as artistic, musical, and spiritual pursuits.

Your humor doesn’t fade with advancing age, and you have the ability to see the positive side of things and have a good laugh. You are expressive, and many opportunities will still come your way in your later years. Don’t waste it, and try to focus and not scatter your forces.


This is a number of practical action and lasting work. You will feel the urge to leave a legacy by working diligently towards reaching your earthly goals. You may sometimes feel restricted or held back by limitations, but that’s all part of the learning process.

In your younger years, you may have spent long hours building the foundations of a comfortable life. You had to deal with restrictions and some form of discipline. In your later years, you may still have an inclination to do work that deals with religion, education, publishing, and scientific pursuits. Enjoy your work because it will give you a fulfilling task that will fill your hours.

However, be wary of becoming a micro-manager or overly responsible for everything.


This numerology is pushing you towards a new relationship with freedom. During your 40s and 50s, you’ll be forced to confront the constructive uses of freedom, such as travel, adventure, and flexibility.

You will also have to deal with embracing change and uncertainty. Yet far from inducing fear, your later years of life will likely crack you open to huge opportunities!

Expect your later years to be a repeat of your younger years. You will continue to be busy, and your days will be filled with worthwhile experiences. You may pursue more serious issues such as freedom of thought, civic involvement, and politics. There will be huge opportunities for you, but beware of committing to everything since you may have trouble finishing your tasks.


Major themes for you include re-evaluating your relationship with family, friends, and your home life. Issues that will become more important to you are duty and service to others, delight in home and family, compassion, and affection.

In your younger days, you have always been of service to others. Throughout your life, you have practiced a strong sense of duty and responsibility, which makes you finish what you start. It is very easy for you to accomplish everything you have set your mind to do.

In your later life, you will enjoy comfort, security, love, and protection.

Yet this number in your chart warns of becoming overly meddlesome, and remember to be compassionate.


A maturity number of 7 implies re-evaluating your relationship with introspection and spiritual contemplation.

This numerology indicates that you will likely experience a deep need to “know thyself” through solitude and specialization, scientific study, or philosophical thought, plus intuition.

In your younger years, you may have had special abilities and talents. It is crucial to continue sharing that knowledge understanding and wisdom even through your later years to open the minds of other knowledge seekers.

Your golden years will give you the time and the chance to explore spiritual and metaphysical studies deeper as well as other scientific and educational pursuits. When you are immersed in these studies, you may want to be solitary so you can focus more.

Overall, this number is one of spiritual fulfillment and knowledge.


Major themes indicated by this core number involve working with reward through accomplishment. During this time, you’ll be drawn toward using your talents in organization and management.

Issues of success and recognition will also come up. Be wary of your authority and use it wisely. Material needs will also take center stage, whether it’s for personal gain or for the benefit of humanity.

Your golden years will be the time you will be reaping success if you have established your organizational skills and self-discipline in your younger years. Possible areas that you will likely be drawn to in later life in later life are real estate, research, philosophical studies, counseling, and consulting.


A maturity number of 9 is all about understanding what it means to work with selfless service to humanity.

You’re being called upon to work with giving and contributing, without thought of personal reward. Letting go of “self” in order to learn to be of service to others is a huge lesson for this single-digit.

In your younger years, you may have been caring and attentive to others’ needs, and this will carry over in your later life. You will have the added peace and maturity not to live with jealousy and fears. The things that can give you comfort in your later years are art and travel, and you will still remain interested in humanitarian concerns.


The Master Numbers always indicate a higher sense of spiritual purpose – no matter how you define it. Plus, more intense challenges!

This numerology indicates you’ll feel an urge to explore your emotional sensitivity and find yourself torn between being an introvert and an extrovert.

Relationships will become a central theme during this time for number 11.

The golden years will allow you to teach cosmic truths you have learned for the benefit of humanity. You are called on to use your power to bring harmony, empathy, and sensitivity to heal the unrest in the world. If you have harnessed your potentials in your younger years, you will likely be a leader or looked upon as a compassionate advisor.


The Master Numbers always indicate a higher sense of spiritual purpose – no matter how you define it. Plus, more intense challenges!

With the Master Number 22 making up your numerology, you’re certainly moving toward re-evaluating what it means to make things happen on a grand scale.

If you have mastered the trials and challenges of this number in your younger years, you will experience deeper spiritual truth and actualization in your golden years.

You’re being called upon to be a manager and a leader, to root yourself in spiritual principles and practical know-how, and to help people live better lives on a practical, day-to-day basis.


The Master Numbers always indicate a higher sense of spiritual purpose – no matter how you define it. Plus, more intense challenges!

The Master Maturity number 33 is quite rare and only appears with the combination of a number 11 and a number 22 Life Path or Destiny Number for a combined total of 33.

You’re moving toward re-evaluating what it means to use your extraordinary spiritual gifts to benefit humanity. You’re being called upon to use compassionate service, duty and nurturing, and loving and joyful creativity.

You have a great capacity to be altruistic and bring on methods that will bring the greatest good. You will find yourself in your later years to be attracting more people who will come to you for emotional support.

However, be wary of your ego and being too bossy. You may feel a tug towards fame and leadership, as well. People will look up to you as an example of a higher way of living.

What’s Your Maturity Number?

Share with us in the comments below – and if you’re entering into the phase of life it describes, tell us whether you are aligning with your life purpose as you grow into personal maturity.

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