Today (January 12, 2021), get ready to push the boundaries; Mercury is about to come together in a square with Uranus.

With the planet of surprises, Uranus still retrograde, there’s already an air of ‘no beating around the bush’. It’s time to get to the point or be left in the dust. Now, with planet of communication, Mercury, getting in on the action, today will ruffle some feathers.

The Meaning Of A Mercury/Uranus Square

If you’re feeling like you’re living on a knife-edge or you’re jittery with unexplained excitement, say hello to the Mercury/Uranus Square. This transit enters the celestial scene with the intent to shake up your daily routine. Even if you’re not normally a fan of change, this planetary alignment allows even the most change-averse of us to embrace something new.

And it’s the new and exciting that will make you feel alive during this transit. This potent energy will push you to make quick decisions, act impulsively and break the rules.

Your desire to forge forward or get things done will be at an all time high, with your mind seemingly working overtime. You’ll push yourself to the edge, and it will feel ohhh so good!

The fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel this more than the other signs and may even push those boundaries a little too far.

Careful though, in spite of your excitement over embracing something new, you must consider the consequences. Uranus loves that shock-factor and Mercury influences your communication and the combination of the give way to hurt feelings, miscommunications and arguments.