The Divine Feminine is rising.

She needs to: To redress the balance, scoop up the remains of the crumbling systems of our modern world, and to provide the crucible for the new paradigm to form (read more here). These times we are living in are incredible! Daunting and chaotic, but fueled with the potential for a dramatically different reality to become the new normal.  But to get there, work needs to be done and every one of us is required to participate.

There are as many different ways to awaken the feminine as there are divinatory arts and systems of belief, and Numerology is no exception…

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Numerology, Archetypes and Spirit

Numerology describes archetypal energies. These are patterns or “energy signatures” that are universally recognized as types, qualities or characters.  Some of the most common and timeless archetypes are:

  • Hero/Heroine
  • Mother
  • Child
  • Artist
  • Rebel
  • Explorer
  • Lover
  • Sage
  • Emperor/Empress
  • God/Goddess

This list is not exhaustive – it could go on to describe so many more, including countless sub-types. And of course, as humanity evolves and our work in the world changes more archetypes are being created (Caroline Myss has coined the archetypes of the Fashonista, for example).

Do any of those archetypes remind you of something?

If you’re already familiar with your own numerology, then perhaps they brought to mind some of the archetypal patterns and energy signatures contained in your own personal numerology chart? Because when looking at the world through a numerological lens, you can start to clearly see how these archetypal energies are actually contained, and expressed, through numbers! This is because Numerology actually serves as an incredible system describing every archetypal pattern within our Universal experience.

Each archetype may not necessarily express though only one number.  The archetype of the mother, for example, expresses most clearly through the numbers 2 and 6, though it may move through any of the other numbers too (think of the fierce, protective love of a wild lioness.  I feel this to be an expression of the number 1, the 8 or even the 9). So it’s important to be open to flow and movement, even within the assumed rigidity of the numerical system.

But as the energy of numbers is inherently pure, unadulterated by language, history and culture, the ways numbers express archetypal energy is also pure. In fact, you could say that Numerology IS the language of archetypes.

*And here’s an interesting piece of information: Carl Jung was heard to say, just before he died, that if he could go back and change one thing about his work, he would have used the word “Spirit” instead of “archetype”.

Let the implications of that sink in for a moment.

Numerology, Archetypes and the Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine energy can also be described archetypally. The Sacred Feminine is made up of a myriad of different energy types, from the gentle and receptive, to the raging and destructive.

Our ancestors knew this and recognized these different energy types within the pantheons of Goddesses that were such a big part of their cultures.  So this same essence and archetype of the mother came through Isis for the Egyptians, through Demeter for the ancient Greeks, and through Brigid for the Celts.  (For these ancients, motherhood and fertility were also the domains of Bast, Gaia and Aine, amongst others, so like the Numbers, the Goddesses were happy to share their archetypal domains!)

Currently, the Goddesses are coming back to life.

As portals through which the sacred feminine is rising, many modern women are reconnecting with Goddess energy and forging personal links with ancient, sacred deities. From shamanic teachers like Nicki Scully, who has journeyed to Egypt to reconnect with the pantheon there, to modern priestesses like Kaia Ra who teaches the way of Sophia and provides an access point to Mary Magdeline, Kwan Yin and other ascended masters; the Goddess and her sacred archetypes are returning!

Numerology offers us another way to awaken these principles of the sacred feminine. And… it can also be highly personalized! This is because you already have a blueprint – in the form of your personal numerology chart – to the divine feminine archetypes that want to express through you and your life, and have done since the day you were born.

How to Awaken the Divine Feminine through your Numerology Chart

To connect to sacred feminine energy using numerology is so simple.  Because numbers are universal carriers of energy, you can access the power that any of them hold, any time you wish.  But whether or not you realize it, you already contain a specific combination of divine feminine energy.  Activating this is what will forge the connection, and enable you to awaken and reclaim this divine power within your life.

If you don’t already know them, calculate your core numbers (you can do this for free here, using our free numerology calculator) and then familiarize yourself with them.  These numbers belong to you, they are your keys to understanding how the sacred feminine wants to channel through you, and the kinds of work (personal and practical work, out in the world) that you must do.

If the 1 Appears in your Chart…

  • Connect to Solar Energy.
  • Work on your self-esteem, especially on your solar plexus chakra.
  • Dance to become physically stronger and to feel more embodied.

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If the 2 Appears in your Chart…

  • Connect to the world of Spirit.
  • Work on activating your intuition, and strengthen it by trusting it!
  • Dance with other people, to connect on an energetic level.

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If the 3 Appears in your Chart…

  • Reconnect with your Inner Child
  • Work to bring more play and delight to the people and the world around you.
  • Dance as a practice, to find discipline in your body.

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If the 4 Appears in your Chart…

  • Reconnect to your Ancestral Lineage.
  • Working to heal your history is how you will build a better future (and not through SO much hard work!)
  • Dance as a way to find freedom.

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If the 5 Appears in your Chart…

  • Be a point of presence – you are connection embodied!
  • Work to hold the information moving through you. Your mission is to cross-pollinate through being in the right place at the right time.  Tune into what this is.
  • Dance outside, in the wildness of the elements.

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If the 6 Appears in your Chart…

  • Connect to the world through Witness.
  • Work to express how much you care for life, through offering sanctuary.  Slow down.
  • Dance to be sensual, for nobody but you!


If the 7 Appears in your Chart…

  • Connect through Understanding.
  • Work to develop your inner see-er, you hold SO much more wisdom than you would ever believe. Work on activating your crown chakra.
  • Dance to make poetry.


If the 8 Appears in your Chart…

  • Connect through Responsibility.
  • Work to find your center, your zero point of truth, and everything you create from there will be pure gold.
  • Dance to know yourself and as an expression of gratitude for life!


If the 9 Appears in your Chart…

  • Connect to the essence of Forgiveness
  • Work to infuse your every action with love. Work on balancing your heart chakra.
  • Dance to move energy through your body, and let deep healing happen (your body has a wisdom of its own – let it do the work).


If the 11 Appears in your Chart…

  • Connect to your Inner Healer
  • Work to become a clear channel for Spirit to move through you … in whatever form it takes.
  • Dance to express yourself.


If the 22 Appears in your Chart…

  • Connect to Innovation
  • Work on trusting your individual perspective and your vision for the future. Work on activating your third eye chakra.
  • Dance to make forms of your energy.


The presence of any of these numbers in your numerology chart is an invitation to begin making new connections, and introducing the corresponding energy into your life!

Do this through research, reading, ritual, journey work, dreamwork, art, other creative activities, dance, and most importantly … intention.  Setting an intention to connect to the Divine Feminine principles and archetypes contained in your core numbers will make it so! This is just the beginning.

Does this work resonate with you?

Do you feel the return of the Sacred Feminine?

Share below how you are inviting the Divine Feminine back into your life …

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