numbers eclipse seasonWith the first of three consecutive eclipses behind us, the climactic double eclipses on the Virgo-Pisces axis in September are building up to one of the powerful climaxes of 2016.

August’s powerful 17/8 Immortality energy is culminating now through the end of the month.

August 22 – “8” Energy High

First on Monday, August 22, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 26° – a degree number that also reduces to 8, just like the 8th month and August’s 17/8 Universal Month. You feel optimistic and enthusiastic today. Your mind is on fire and your negotiating skills at a high – money issues and business deals are favored.

Then on Wed, August 24 Mars aligns with Saturn in Sagittarius allowing you to combine courage and forward momentum with patience… use your energy with consciously today and you’ll manifest powerful results.

August 26 – Triple 888 + 7-8-9 Code

Friday, August 26 activates a triple 888 code and a 7-8-9 code at the same time! You feel invincible and infinitely expansive. Mars squares Neptune urges you to direct your energy internally – tune within and into other dimensions. Take this day to balance both rest and action.

August 29 – 11:11 Portal Activated

Monday August 29th brings Mercury and Venus together – a beautiful conjunction, and it happens at 29°! So the 11:11 portal is activated in the astro-numerology code – and that means everything you touch, feel, think about is magnified. If you are in love or in a partnership this is the perfect time to tell that person you love them since Mercury governs communication and Venus symbolizes love and abundance. Mercury is very powerful since it is stationing to go retrograde tomorrow!

August 30 – Mercury Goes Retrograde

On August 30 Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo for 3 weeks. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, so this is an especially powerful and fortunate Mercury Retrograde – especially since Venus and Jupiter will be “hugging” Mercury for the entire ride! Expect a lot of wonderful blessings as you allow yourself into deeper levels of understanding.

September 1 – Major Solar Eclipse + 9-9-9-9 Code

September 1 kicks off with a major Solar Eclipse at 9° Virgo. This New Moon Eclipse triggers the number 9°, during the 9the month, September’s 18/9 Universal Month and 2016’s 9 Universal Year numbers – a quadruple 9-9-9-9! You are letting go and embracing love. Spend time in nature and strengthen your connection with the earth – Virgo asks you to feel her fertile and healing energy… So open up to allow that energy to fill your imagination and your heart with love and peace.

On September 2 we have to major astrology events: Sun opposite Neptune enhancing your creative powers and infusing your heart with courage – and Mercury conjunct Jupiter, such an optimistic transit blessing you with good fortune.

Keep in mind that all transits to Mercury while it’s in retrograde in Virgo deepen your thoughts and enhance your intelligence and perception while enabling you to heal on a deep level.

This is powerful time of the year when many astro-numerology forces come together at once. You will feel the intensity as a call to action!

Take the call and move forward into a new beginning.

A new chapter is unfolding in your life bringing a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.

Life is forever flowing – a reminder throughout August’s 17/8 universal month energy. Embrace the change and open your heart to ever-greater dimensions of love and wisdom – the core message of September’s 9-9-9 energy.

Enjoy these precious moments and be grateful for every blessing – no matter how it shows up in your life.

Have a beautiful two weeks!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

About Tania Gabrielle

Tania Gabrielle, Wealth Astro-Numerologist, has coached thousands of clients and entrepreneurs worldwide, helping them design fulfilling and abundant lives. She has been featured in USA Today, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Tania is the creator of Numerology Academy™ - the first online certification course integrating Astrology and Numerology. Learn more about Tania at

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