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Fulfillment, Rewards, Romance

August 2020 is NUMBERED 8+2+0+20 = 30, 3+0 = 3. #30 indicates August will be a month of rejoicing and celebrating as hard work finally pays off and abundant rewards follow. #30 will also put the focus on Children indicating care should be taken as we prepare for a new school year. Put away the credit card this month. Save for unexpected expenses coming in April.

August 2020 Daily Forecast

8/1 – Today’s energy will be great for accomplishment. Put your nose to the stone and get the job done. People will be more stubborn today and arguments are likely. Be focused and keep your eyes on the prize. Great day for fixing and mending. Work, orderliness, and success go hand in hand today.

8/2 – Great day for partnerships and marriages. Nothing goes as expected today, but surprise is in the air. Be careful in traffic. Under today’s influences, people will be prone to take risks and chances. Of course, the same vibe is great for sales and promotion. People in the right places are open and available today…take advantage!

8/3 – Express love and concern for others. Giving is rewarding today as our ability to be responsible is encouraged with opportunities to do so. Love is in the air. Family matters today. Spend time with young people. Be prepared to sacrifice for what you believe in.

8/4 – Prophetic connections with inner self and/or universal soul force likely under today’s energy. Be still and know. Great time to hug a tree, spend time near water, practice a ritual or some Spiritual discipline. Trails are possible to test our faith. Visualize the outcome you want and speak it into being. Faith moves mountains, fear causes rock slides, stay positive.

8/5 – Today’s energy favors business expansion, financial increase, major purchases and inheritances. Apply for a loan tell the boss why you deserve a raise. All financial matters are favored today!

8/6 – Love seeds bear fruit today. Those who seek to do good, help the poor, feed the hungry or in any way heal or show love to the plant will be Blessed and rewarded 10 fold for their efforts. In order to make way for something new, we must let go of the old. Possible endings and sorrow associated with family or close friends. Obstacles are temporary.

8/7 – A quiet day to be spent with close associates and family. Great day for a wedding or starting anything new. The business vibe is great today encouraging profitable partnerships.

8/8 – People are on fire today. Poets, artists, Light Workers, and empaths are in full form and at their best. Entrepreneurs will also thrive today. Many new businesses will be started successfully today.

8/9 – Happy days are here again! Time for celebration, feasting and good news long-awaited. The job is done and the rewards are flowing in under today’s POSITIVE influences. God is expressing joy today…romance is in the air. Children bring joy to our hearts today. Honor youth. GIVE to those in need!! Join goodwill projects!!.

8/10 – Today’s energy can usher in win-win settlements that enrich all parties. A stubborn or argumentative approach will be counter-productive today. Legal difficulties can be dealt with effectively. Contracts that form foundations are favored. Great day for getting some work done around the house or yard. Stick to your budget. Expect new birth after endings!

8/11 – A day filled with the potential for abundance. Strange or ESP experiences are likely. Victory is in the air. Positive change takes place restoring FAITH!! The possibility of twins being born is high today

8/12 – Others are important, it’s NOT always about our wants, wishes and desires. Today…we have opportunities to put the needs of others first and to take a stand for what we believe in. Professional artists get a boost of creativity today!

8/13 – Today the log jams are open…things are progressing. Expect good tidings and be ready to travel if necessary. It is a day to express thanksgiving. Let things move at their own pace. REST!!

8/14 – Business mixes well with pleasure today. Great day for sales, and business expansion. Raises are offered and accepted today. Evaluate your circumstances and plan to make any changes you perceive as necessary.

8/15 – Today’s energy brings endings and completion. There may be some drama regarding family; so tolerance and selflessness are needed. Any problem today will be temporary in nature. Help someone out today. Be of service.

8/16 – Today is a great day for new beginnings. Starting a new job, a new residence or a new relationship is probable. This is a day to guard and protect your family. Be careful in traffic. Accidents and sudden unforeseen events are possible as is deception in relationships. Drop that zero and get a hero.

8/17 – Great day for material as well as Spiritual growth. Also, a good day to give to others. Acts of kindness today are the seeds of tomorrows’ success. Listen for the still voice within. Values are tested today. Do the right thing!

8/18 – Today is great for joining forces with like-minded people to perpetuate or initiate goodwill. Love isn’t put in our hearts to stay, love isn’t loving til we give it away. Travel and adventure are part of today’s possibilities.

8/19 – Today may bring obstacles, breaks, and separations. God is establishing a new order and the old order must give way to make way. Obstacles are a blessing today. Great day for building, fixing, and saving. Don’t overindulge.

8/20 – Expect the changes that will take things better for EVERYONE to take place today. Plans will have to be adjusted, change and surprises always are part of today’s vibration. Take a chance, try something new. Today is a day when dreams can come true!

8/21 – Today is the day to stand up for what you believe. Domestic concerns dominate. Be there for the youth!!

8/22 – A great day for being still and resting. Take a trip into the countryside or spend time near the water. That which has been hidden within you will be brought to your consciousness.

8/23 – Great day for signing big contracts. Marriage and business contracts are favored today. Evaluate the rewards you receive today. If you are not satisfied, make plans for something new.

8/24 – Let go of the old to make room for something or someone new. Learn from the past and let it go. No need to cry over spilled milk.

8/25 – Everything changes today. The new order will have opportunities for growth and success. Start something new that you have always wanted to try. Businesses started today will succeed beyond anyone’s expectations.

8/26 – Today our values will be the wrongs on the ladder of success. Positive valued people will see increase and gain. Roadblocks and log jams can be removed and balance restored.

8/27 – Something happens today to turn or attention from ourselves to higher humanitarian goals. Today’s energy and events serve to bring us together as one people. Great day for travel.. Do not give in to self-doubt.

8/28 – Today’s energy favors abundance via hard work and planning. Great day for marriage, signing contracts and making big deals. Plan your work and work your plan.

8/29 – Great business vibe favoring sales and promotion. Family fun day!! Great for travel, adventure and romance. Things don’t go as planned but it’s ok.

8/30 – Today we must be ready for battle. Legal difficulties are possible. Be of good Faith. Truth will prevail and those who work in darkness will be defeated. Settlements are win-win. Great day for moving to a new home.

8/31 – Faith integrity and concern for others will bring satisfying results under today’s energy. A great day for spending time alone getting in touch with our plans for the work ahead of us during September.

What do you hope to achieve in August? Let us know in the comments below! 

About Dr Craig Wright

Dr. Craig Wright is a native of Baltimore, Maryland where he studied religion and philosophy in his youth as a member of the Baltimore Ethical Society. He holds degrees in Psychology and Metaphysics. He is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner. Dr. Wright's Services are available at www.craigewright.com

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