leo august forecast astrology horoscopesPinHey, everyone! We did it, we made it to August!

This month, we are mostly in the energies of radiant Leo.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and therefore we will be experiencing some solar themes.

August Themes

Some particular Sun-based themes that may be relevant for us this month are: Individuality, Self-Expression, Creativity, Passion, Clarity and Illumination, Purification and Will.

Also, the polar sign to Leo is Aquarius. One powerful way we could experience personal growth this month is to look at the oppositional themes of these two signs, and look for ways to reconcile them.

The contrasting themes to contemplate and reconcile are:

Individual vs Collective

Leo is so much about the self and self-expression, whereas Aquarius (while a unique sign) is about networking and community.

The challenge is to stand firm and established in one self, and to connect and network with other people while coming from that place.

August Chakras

Leo is also linked to the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras.

This is a good time work with these energy centers. I recommending chanting to open and strengthen them.

For the Solar Plexus: Chant “Oh” using the note E while visualizing the color yellow in your solar plexus area.

For the Heart: Chant “Ah” using the note F while visualising the color green in the heart area.

sun leoPinAugust Colors

The colors I’d recommend wearing and surrounding yourself around this month are colors of the Sun and Fire, like Orange, Red, Gold, Yellow, and Blue (as we can see blue in a flame, as well).

Also, the color Green is recommended. It is the color of the heart chakra, and of abundance. There is lush life at this time of year buzzing all around us, and August is also an 8 month, which is a number of power and abundance.

August Crystals

I recommend using crystals that link to the Sun, and the Heart Chakra.

I also recommend Citrine and Tiger’s Eye, as they are linked to the Solar Plexus and Leo. Citrine is great for energizing, cleansing, joy, abundance and manifestation. Tiger’s Eye is good for grounding, as well as strengthening will and releasing fear.

August Tarot and Oracle Reading

I also pulled some cards for the month, and here is what came up..

6 of Pentacles/Success:

Intuitively what came up for me when I saw this card was the the theme of abundance, and especially receiving abundance.

This could be about opening to receive blessings, and also opening to receive help from others around you.

I recommend saying a prayer to Source: “I am open/opening to receive”.

And really get into the feeling of opening and receiving as you say it. Feel the blessings and abundance!

You can even stretch out your arms and open your palms, as well.

Also, the symbol for the astrological decan linked to this card is the Linga-Yoni. There is implicit in here a sexual/creative energy; a procreative union of the Sun and the Earth.

The keywords therefore are: Building and Sowing.

The message here is that the key to success is a union of raw passion and ordered effort.

thoth-sunPinThe Sun:

There is a sense of Joy and Freedom indicated in this card!

The advice here is to tap into that solar energy, this month. For some people this may be a challenge, but that is what is advised.

Even if you are going through a tough time, there is always something to be grateful for.

Just looking at this image can elicit those feelings. So if you feel inspired to, you could place a picture of this card somewhere where you can see it often this month.

Page of Cups

This card indicates creativity, and an encouragement to be active in your artistic creative projects this month.

For some of you, this card may mean expression of emotion, as well.


From Tess Whitehurst’s “Magic of Flowers” deck, I pulled Bougainvillea. This card is about Purification, Freedom, Releasing. Releasing what you don’t need. Letting yourself be free. Cleansing all that does not serve and hinders you. You could use sunlight for purification, or water (maybe saltwater) for purification as well.

Other keywords linked to this card: Beauty, Passion, Cleansing and Radiance

I hope that these tips help.

Have a wonderful, light-filled August!