Most people have heard of astrology and perhaps numerology. But using both together can give you the best of both worlds. Use Astro-numerology to gain a better insight into your life.

Numerology is the study of number vibrations as it relates to your life. Calculate core numbers using your full name and birth date to create a numerology chart.

These charts can give insight into various things in your life. It can reveal your inner self as well as barriers that may impede new ventures.

The study of astrology can give you similar answers. You can even calculate your destiny number, your expression number, and calculate your life path.

So, what happens if you use both for your readings?

You get the power of numerical vibrations and celestial movements to guide you. Find out what Astro-numerology has to offer.

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Astrology Basics

First, if you follow numerology closely you may not be that familiar with astrology practices.

Sure, you know your zodiac sign. Who doesn’t?

But astrology goes a little deeper than that.

It all starts with an astrological birth chart. The natal chart is a map that gives you the blueprint of your life. If it sounds similar to a numerology chart, it’s because it is.

But your natal chart is a little different, too.

The chart shows a visual diagram at the moment of your birth. That includes the astrological signs and planetary bodies like:

  • The Sun
  • The Moon
  • Planets
  • Asteroids

The chart also shows where astrological signs were at the time of your birth.

Which ones were on the horizon?

Which signs were disappearing?

The charts also show where the different planets were in relation to each other. From supporting and complementary to challenging and difficult, a natal chart shows it all.

But your birth chart goes beyond giving you a snapshot of the universe at the time of your birth. These charts also give you insights about your personality. Expect to find information like:

  • Strengths
  • Dominant traits
  • Weaknesses
  • Habits and quirks
  • Loves and hates

Your astrology chart can explain the deeper layers of yourself and your duality.

There are many places online to find a free birth chart. But receiving your chart is only half the battle. The next part is interpreting it.

Components to Your Personal Astrology Birth Chart

Now that you have your birth chart in front of you, what do you do with it?

It’s pretty. But what do all those signs and symbols mean?

The first thing to get familiar with is the astrological signs of the zodiac. Ancient astrologers divided the skies into 12 parts. These 12 parts are also known as “signs.”

Each sign has its own special themes with particular energy frequencies. The energies are then infused into significant points in space like a house or planet.

When people ask you for your star sign or horoscope sign, you probably already know the answer. This sign is where the Sun was at the moment of your birth.

So, you may already know that you’re a Taurus or a Cancer. But where was each planet when you were born? Your natal Moon position can have a big impact on your personal makeup, too.

In addition to the planets and signs, you have to understand Houses. Astrological houses also split the chart into 12 different segments.

These segments or “Houses” usually look like a small internal circle on your chart. The circle contains Roman numerals that indicate each segment. And it moves in a counterclockwise direction.

Keep in mind, though, that the houses are static. They’re in the same position on every chart. And they’re important because the zodiac and planets hitting one of your Houses affect different parts of your life.



Common Threads Between Astrology and Numerology

You may not know this but there are many similarities between astrology and numerology. They look vastly different from the outside. But astrology and numerology have much in common.

Take a look at the similarities below:

#1 – Both Have Long Histories

Astrology and numerology are both metaphysical sciences. And they both have very long histories.

Both sciences use metaphysical methods as tools. These tools can give you a deeper insight into yourself. They may also guide you towards solutions to possible barriers in your life.

#2 – Both Use Birth as a Basis for Charts

In addition, your birth date is essential for both astrology and numerology charts. They use your birth in different ways, though.

For astrologists, birth times and complex calculations chart celestial bodies when you first came into the world. This natal chart is a map that has different meanings for various aspects of your life.

On the other hand, numerologists study the different numbers in your life. They also use the date of birth as well as the full name to create core numbers, such as the birthday number. The vibration of these core numbers can also give insight into your life.

#3 – Both Rely Heavily on Mathematics

You may think that only numerology deals with mathematics. After all, Western numerology comes from the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. He was the first person that identified different energies vibrating in a number.

Einstein also used mathematical theories to explain the order of the Universe. He mentioned both astrology and numerology in the same vein. And numbers form a basis for the universe.


Using Astrology with Your Numerology Chart

Is numerology a number version of astrology? Some numerologists think so.

Imagine that you went to your numerologist about a job change. The numerologist looks at the numbers in your chart to find out about your inner self. Just one number reveals anything from your motivations and deepest desires through to your dreams and mission.

If your core numbers contain a master number, which are 11, 22, and 33, your potential may be greater than you think.

Now, you want to know if this career choice is the right one, right? Well, choosing a career that matches your numbers may help. For example, following your heart desire number will likely lead to you feeling more fulfilled.

So, now you know what numerology may say about a possible career choice. It’s time to look at what your natal chart says. If Mercury is a big influence in your career house, it may point you toward writing or teaching.

If your Life Path is 6, it may point you toward professions that help others. In this instance, taking both astrology and numerology into account, your best-chosen profession may be that of a life coach. Your numerology term cycles may provide even more guidance.

Looking at the career indicators holistically can give you a better chance of going into a rewarding career.

Natal charts can reveal special talents you may instinctually gravitate toward even if you don’t outwardly show an inclination toward it.

For example, suppose you are a scientific person. And everyone labels you like that. You may not have any artistic ability, but the labeling only serves to reinforce that belief about yourself.

Yet, you feel drawn to art regardless of your lack of talent.

An objective assessment from an Astro-numerologist may see something that you don’t know about yourself. They may see signs of artistic talent hidden in the natal chart and numbers. All of a sudden, you feel better about devoting more time to art.

It’s not uncommon for people to enter into astrology through numerology. Or vice versa. Because of their common threads, they serve as a bridge into other types of metaphysical sciences.

Erica is a 21-year old student who was into astrology. She used to research her birth natal chart and the meanings of the Houses. From there, though, she found herself intrigued by sacred geometry. And that led her to numerology.

Cindy, a 25-year-old therapist and psychoanalyst, found numerology through her other spiritual practices. She liked tarot and astrology. But she places most of her emphasis on numerology now.

A casual comment was what turned her onto numerology. Her mother’s co-worker commented that her name was powerful in numerology terms. From there, her interest grew.

Some people come to Astro-numerology as a bridge from other studies. Many people look to both astrology and numerology for answers and deeper insight about themselves. You don’t have to choose one or the other.


If Your Numerology Chart Is a Blueprint, The Natal Chart Is a Map

Do you know the numerology equivalent of the Moon sign or the Sun sign?

This bridge of astrology and numerology can give you greater insight into yourself than using one by itself. A House system can pinpoint what’s heading your way. Life Path numbers can give insight into how to handle it.

Both astrology and numerology work in perfect harmony to give you a deeper understanding of yourself. As you embrace deeper inner knowledge, you’ll find yourself happier as you fulfill your life’s purpose.

Have you had an Astro-numerology reading? How have you used your numerology chart and astrology to make changes? Discuss below.