Finally, the Eclipse Cycle is over and we can welcome a New Moon of true New Beginnings!

Since early April’s major Blood Moon Total Eclipse, life has still felt pretty intense. Fortunately, we now have a beautiful, harmonious Aries New Moon on April 18 after which the tension really starts dissipating.

A Tranquil Period Of Release And Renewal

We’re entering a serene period, when peace and calm will enable us to breathe and stretch our wings and enjoy the abundant gifts of 2015.

The numerology for the New Moon is all about release and renewal:

▶ April 18 is a 9 Universal Day of letting bygones be bygones.

▶ New Moon in ARIES, activates the First sign of the Zodiac, representing planting new seeds.

▶ New Moons always symbolize a fresh start.

▶ Sun and Moon merge to create the New Moon at 28 degrees Aries, which adds up to the number 1 of new beginnings.

New Moon ForecastPinMoving Into A New Dimension Without Friction

Right before it merges with the Sun, the Moon crossed Pluto and Uranus. This is highly symbolic, since Pluto squaring Uranus are the two planets representing the past three years of major change – so the Aries New Moon literally symbolizes crossing the bridge from one dimension to a new reality – and starting again.

There’s more good news: this Aries New Moon has NO challenging aspects. That means that no other planets are causing tension and friction to the Sun and Moon!

It’s the perfect moment to decide which seedlings you want to keep watering and nurturing, and which ones to weed out. Who and What is taking away your energy? Weed out what is draining you of growth.

By getting serious about your priorities, you open up the doors to Abundance in 2015 – the “Year of Awakened Wealth Consciousness”.

For all the details on this “NEW Beginnings” New Moon, check out my video forecast above.

Love and Blessings,


I’d love to hear how this Aries New Moon is helping you feel renewed and refreshed. Leave a comment below and share your new beginnings journey!