On October 5, a wonderful FULL Moon appears in Aries, the first sign. This year it happens during an 11 Universal Month of double new beginnings.

Aries and 11 merged together indicates a momentous BIRTH.

The first sign of the zodiac represents the urge to start something new and unique. It is your Life Force, symbolizing Action, Energy and Enthusiasm.

Aries is all about YOU, the individual – indivisible.

In any full Moon the Moon and Sun are opposing each other, so while the Moon is in Aries, the Sun lies in Libra. Libra represents relationships, the balance of you and another, harmony – US.

So an Aries Moon – Libra Sun dynamic reflects a union of opposites – balancing polarities of self (you) and relationship (us).

Know yourself first. Then you are available and open to experience fulfilling relationships.

How astonishing too that MARS, ruler of Aries, is exactly conjunct VENUS, ruler of Libra!  Both are at 19° in Virgo at the time of the Full Moon. What an amazingly synchronistic event…

This conjunction of Mars and Venus signifies the beginning of a new Venus/Mars cycle – very favorable for relationships!

October’s 11 Universal Month energy carries the SAME relationship message.

The 11 Portal adds up to a “root” number of 2 (11 = 1+1 = 2), representing two people, two perspectives becoming one, as you walk through the portal and blend opposites into one unifying force of love and peace.

This is celebration of independence and inter-dependence, action and reception.

Other big astrological meetings activated during this Full Moon:

  • Venus and Mars form gorgeous, harmonious trine to Pluto in EARTH signs of Virgo & Capricorn. This is fantastic energy for manifesting abundance, generating financial flow, and the implementation of your goals.
  • Sun and Moon are square Pluto. They form a T-square, which is very, very intense. Pluto embodies empowerment and transformation, unconscious motivations, sexuality, deep emotions, life, death and rebirth, a phoenix rising from the ashes, so there is a big pivot point energy here.
  • October 5 illuminates the pivot point number welcoming the unexpected, surprise, sudden shifts. 5 invites you to embrace the independence, the freedom of just saying this is the first day of the rest of my life.

Be courageous and embrace the challenges, because challenges are part of moving forward, breaking NEW GROUND – which is what Aries represents.

There is so much gorgeous new beginnings potential with this Full Moon in Aries!

The 11 Portal is YOURS to own and use for your highest good!

Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle