April is a powerful 9 Universal Month. And in Numerology, that means it’s going to be chock full of transformation, universal wisdom, cosmic love, and yep – RELEASE.

April brings with it the end of the numerical cycle, and with it comes closure and transcendence. This can bring you gifts in more ways than one, but that doesn’t mean that it will feel easy.

In fact, it’ll probably feel really, really hard. Letting go and moving on from people and situations that drain your energy is never an easy task… but it is always a task that results in a freer, lighter, and more authentic self. So trust the endings that are coming into fruition this month, and allow yourself to let them go.

The money and success-driven energy of last month has been left behind, and instead, we’re greeted with the wisdom, maturity, creative and artistic pursuits that the 9 brings forth.

Think of it like the Grandpa of numerology… he’s wise beyond his years, could care less about riches or fame, and instead makes it a point to dance, sing, and volunteer his free time to helping others in need. He lived long enough to know what really matters in life, and that what he puts his energy into.

You’re being called to release the past and welcome in the spiritual growth and evolution that’s awaiting you! 

This month holds a powerful opportunity for you to feel the most comprehensive compassion there is – the deepest humanitarianism, the deepest love, the most unconditional spiritual forgiveness, and kindness and wisdom and integrity…

There’s no better time, than right now, to release any feelings of negativity, resentment, or bitterness… Do you have a grudge that you’ve been holding onto for way too long? Or maybe you’ve been beating yourself up about something you did “wrong”? Have you been talking down to yourself? Or maybe you’ve been harboring guilt about something left unsaid…

Whatever it is – April marks the end of our numeric cycle – which means you can finally let all of that sh*t go! 

So with that in mind, here are the key numbers and most impactful dates for April 2021

4 Apr: 4/4 Numerology Power Day

Today holds a powerful frequency of grounding and practical energy. The 4 is strong and stable, systematic, organized, and extremely efficient.

That makes today an ideal time to get yourself organized. Lay down the solid foundation that will support the future you envision for yourself.

9 Apr: 9/9 Numerology Power Day

The 9th day of a 9 Universal Month makes today a 9/9 Power Day!

9 is often referred to as the “finishing post”, it represents the end of the numerological cycle. And it’s energy is very wise and spiritual in nature. Today is a good day for getting closure, ending cycles or patterns, and reflecting on the lessons learned along that way.

It’s a good idea to get your journal out and write down how you’re feeling today as you reflect on these endings… (and remember, endings = new beginnings).

11 Apr: New Moon in Aries 

It’s time to be brave. This New Moon brings with it an energy that’s used to coming first, being bold, courageous, taking risks, and being unafraid of failure.

Believe in yourself and allow this powerhouse energy to dig deep into what YOU really want in life, forget about everyone else for just this once… it’s time to propel yourself into the world!

19 Apr: Sun Enters Taurus

The flames of Aries season are burnt out and the sensuality of Taurus season steps up to take the reigns.

The coming weeks will be all about quality… good food, good company, and good vibes. Take plenty of time to slow down, stop and smell the roses – because this is a sign all about indulgences and delicacies.

Taurus rules over material wealth and abundance, which means this is the perfect time to manifest your desires. How? Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!

26 Apr: Full Moon in Scorpio

Are you ready for the intensity? Because that’s what this Full Moon is bringing.

Scorpio, the fixed water sign of power, money, sex, and transformation is controlling the energy of this month’s illumination – which means you’re being called to look within and intensely examine these areas of your life.

27 Apr: Pluto Stations Retrograde in Capricorn

Pluto is the planet of rebirth and transformation, so expect to dive deep into your shadow side during this period. You may feel like purging people (or things) from your life that hold you back and keep you down… this is time to renew yourself with things (and people) that feel good to you!


What are you going to release this month? Declare it to the universe by commenting below!