Our angels stand by us closely, guiding and comforting us throughout our lifetimes. Everyone, even those who don’t believe in Angels have a Guardian Angel dedicated to assist them.

When we become aware of the Angelic realm and make the decision to connect with our Angels on a regular basis, they are then able to provide increased assistance. The Angels love to give us extra attention.

When we ask for their help, they are then able to provide further assistance to us by sending increased signs that guide us to easier paths. Also, when we summon extra assistance from the Angels, they are able to work behind the scenes to smooth our way by removing obstacles and diffuse potential problematic situations.

Connecting With Your Angels

Consciously connecting with our Angels allows us to become more in tune with the Angelic realm and so that we can receive guidance more readily.

Our Guardian Angel is always assisting us whether we are aware of it or not and often this assistance is subtle and quiet. They sit beside us in our cars, at work and at home and especially sit beside us while we sleep; their loving ever presence always available. I believe that our personal Guardian Angel is always working with us providing us love, comfort, support and guidance constantly even without request.

Talking with our Angels and asking for their assistance is important because when we do so, we are acknowledging our Angels and are making a conscious connection with them. Each time we make this connection with love in our hearts, the connection becomes stronger. The Angels, however, will never interfere with our free will in our decision making throughout our lifetime. They always guide us towards the easiest road but if we miss the signs or choose to ignore their subtle loving advice, they accept this.

Angel Intervention

The Angels, especially Archangel Micahel will ‘intervene’ instantly if their charge is placed in a situation of danger “that was not contracted in this lifetime”.

Often such situations are what I call time-stood-still moments! I have experienced this once in my lifetime…

I was driving home from Melbourne in my little Holden Astra with my mother and girlfriend on a three-lane highway one night. It was very windy and up ahead was a large truck which was carrying three huge water tanks. Suddenly, the strap holding the last tank snapped and the huge tank came crashing down onto the road directly in front of us.

It was then that time seemed to stop and everything went into slow motion! As I braked instinctively, we witnessed the tank come to a complete halt. It was as if somehow the tank was pushed back across the road up against the inside wall; totally against all laws of physics!

When we all gathered ourselves, we discussed the incident all shaking. My mother stated, “An angel saved us!”

This situation was an example of direct intervention by Archangel Michael. The angels will intervene if we are not contracted to pass over or to be injured at that time. If the tank did squash my Astra, then I would not have written my Angel Oracles or books or be writing this for you.

Please know that your Guardian Angel is your advocate, protector, guide and as my story explains can be a lifesaver! I love to teach people how to connect with their own Angels and I look forward to hearing from you about your own personal experiences with Angels.

If you have a question about Angels please leave me a comment below. Thank you for taking the time to connect with me through the numerologist.com.

Wishing you many Angel Blessings,

Michelle Newten – The Aussie Angel Lady

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About Michelle Newten

Michelle Newten: affectionately known as ‘The Aussie Angel Lady’. She is a Spiritual teacher, healer, Angelic medium, Award Winning self-published author and magical manifestor! Her aim is to teach people to tune into their Angels to receive guidance and inspiration so that they can make the changes necessary to step into a life of prosperity that will bring them an abundance of health, wealth & happiness. Michelle had a career spanning 30 years as a registered nurse and she has worked passionately with her son who has autism over the past 30 years to create a miracle. michellenewten.com/

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