The Achievement number is a guiding light in your Numerology Chart.

It’s a number that directs you to your potential…. yet how much do YOU know about it?

Because the vibration of the Achievement Number is hidden within other numbers (unlike the core numbers of Life PathDestiny and Soul Urge) it indicates personal challenges. In fact, you may even be operating in the shadow of your achievement number, without even realizing it.

If you’re new to this part of your numerology chart, HEAD HERE to learn more about the Achievement number and how to calculate it. Otherwise, read on for your reading of Achievement Number 33…

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33 is the third of the Master Numbers.

In Numerology, this is a special group of numbers that hold exceptionally strong frequencies. Carrying meaning and power from both the 3 and the 6, this Master Number can be a challenge to possess, anywhere it appears in a numerology chart. Yet it also brings huge potential.


Achievement Number 33 usually describes someone who has skills associated with teaching and/or healing.

It’s a truly loving vibration, as well as being magnetic, and one which easily attracts attention.
With powerful undertones of the number 6, anywhere the 33 appears in a numerology chart there’s the danger of self-sacrifice and even martyrdom.

Yet here as the Achievement number, it’s all too easy to slip into this way of operating.


You likely attract people who need support. Similarly to the Master number 11, others gravitate towards you because of your healing vibes. Yet for you, it’s the space you hold, and the nurturing presence you achieve without even needing to try, that really draws people in.

You need to be especially careful that you’re not taken advantage of.

It’s possible that you may be too willing to bend over backward for “undeserving” people or causes. You have such a generous, compassionate heart yet you really need to learn how to put your own best interests first sometimes! This isn’t even about being selfish, it’s about self-preservation, and hopefully, self-love.


Achievement Number 33 is a very loving vibration.

It denotes someone who is caring and protective, and because people with this numerology are very often knowledgeable and generous folk, it’s sometimes called “the Master Teacher”.

It’s likely that throughout your life, you’ll often find yourself experiencing circumstances where people look to you for answers, whether you’re directly involved in education or not. Working in the service industries, in nursing, or social care could appeal, yet with you, Achievement 33, there’s a creative streak which could get lost if you don’t nurture it!

You’re artistic and possess highly expressive energy, yet possibly keep these skills shrouded and hidden. Life will bring you experiences and opportunities to delve into these gifts, so you must take them! You’ll accomplish a great deal of success if you can somehow achieve a combination of your creativity with your compassion.

This numerology tends to be very good at building prosperity and finding financial success. So when you do run into problems, they’re likely to be the results of your generosity and kindness toward others.

Although this selfless generosity is commendable, it’s the area of life where you’re most vulnerable.

Another issue you may face, is when your creativity and self-expression are stifled, and this has ramifications in other areas of your life. It’s unlikely that you knowingly stand in your own way – your greatest obstacle could be the time and attention you give to other people.

Finding a balance between what you do for yourself and what you do for others will help you greatly, and pave the way towards the attainment of your goals.

One of your major life lessons is about learning not to take criticism personally.

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More on the Achievement Number…

The Achievement Number is also used to calculate Personal Year Numbers.

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